NPR Shows Journalist Creds With Tea Tea Party Hit Piece

For a look at your tax dollars at work–peddling ultra-liberal socialist propaganda in opposition to your freedom–where else would you go but National Public Radio (NPR)?

The “mainstream” media folks at NPR have published a childish and inaccurate video on their website which tries feebly to poke fun at the Tea Party movement.

It plays of the obscene nickname the “mainstream” media liberals have for patriotic Americans, the nickname used to describe a disgusting homosexual practice.  This video doesn’t quite use that exact term, but the “mainstream” media uses the term enough that there is no doubt left in the mind of the viewer as to what they mean.

The Examiner, where I first learned of this teenage production, has this to say:

The left obviously still does not get it. The American citizens who oppose the government takeover of healthcare (whether through a single payer or by proxy through massive regulation and control) don’t harbor some irrational opposition to change or “progress.” Rather people who disagree with the proposed Obamacare harbor a legitimate concern about the effects government intrusion will have on the best health care in the world. While there are obvious areas for improvement in the healthcare system, tea party goers are not a bunch of robotic angry rioters with vocabulary strangely limited to “Nazi,” “Socialist,” and “Obama.” The opposition that has been growing against Obamacare is centered on the principal of freedom vs. government.

While the piece does a pretty accurate job of describing this “objective” piece of “journalism,” I must disagree with something in the paragraph cited above: the Left DOES get it.  Which is exactly why they are quite willing and eager to stoop to such kindergarten antics in an attempt to discredit Americans who care deeply about our freedom and about our Constitution.

Though many Americans are finally awake and fired up after years of lethargy, there remain more than a few Americans who are still ignorant as tree stumps who just don’t care enough to learn about the issues, much less the rich heritage of freedom and limited government we have in America.  It is to the mindless middle that these whoopee cushion salesmen hope to appeal in order to keep them from accidentally awakening, too.

It will be hilarious when conservatives clean house later this year in November, and perhaps even funnier if in 2011 we finally defund the taxpayer-fed pro-socialist propaganda machine that is PBS and NPR.

But somehow I don’t think they’ll be in the mood for jokes, then.

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