Top Nine Snoozes of the Lamestream Media in 2009

Fox News has the top nine stories on which the lamestream media took a snooze in 2009.

You know, when you sit down and try to figure out just how many newsworthy events just didn’t seem to make big headlines, it’s a daunting task.  There are so many, for one thing, and so many stories got spun into something they weren’t at all. It can be hard for a sane person to keep track over the course of year.

These are stories which by any objective (what the “mainstream” media is supposed to be) estimation should have been among the biggest stories of the year…but were instead hardly heard of outside Fox News, talk radio and the blogosphere.

  1. Marxist “Green Jobs CzarVan Jones exposed for his radicalism…then thrown under the Obama bus (no thanks to the lamestream media).
  2. ACORN, Barack Obama‘s friendly organization and government helper, exposed for telling a pimp and his ho how to make their business sound “legit” and get over on the IRS, along with helping cover up child prostitution and illegal immigration
  3. President Obama’s ultra-radical “science” advisor John Holdren and his wacko ideas, including radical Malthusian population control, anti-capitalism, the belief that an already-born baby is not yet human, that we need to ditch our modern conveniences and healthy lifestyle, belief that trees should be able to sue in court, and being caught up in ClimateGate (the exposure of the fraud of anthropogenic global warming theory)
  4. Which brings us to…ClimateGate itself, the leaked emails, documents and climate model computer code from the Climate Research Unit in England showing a clear pattern of deception, “fudging,” “tricks” and destruction of raw data revealing a glimpse into the massive fraud that is the hypothesis of man-made global warming
  5. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the politicization of taxpayer-funded art to promote President Obama and his policies.  What could possibly be controversial about that?
  6. Another Marxist in the Obama Administration named Chas Freeman, Obama’s nominee to chair the National Intelligence Council, who thinks the communist thugs in China were “overly cautious” in their slaughter of freedom-seeking Chinese citizens in the Tiananmen Square massacre. He also doesn’t have much love for Jewish “colonists” in Israel.
  7. The Tea Party movement.  The lamestream media tried to ignore it for months, and when they couldn’t anymore, they resorted to gutter-talk obscenities that continue today, calling patriotic Americans “teabaggers,” a term which was before used to describe an obscene homosexual practice.  Bigger than any anti-American Leftist dissent, this issue continues to generate fear and loathing from the “mainstream” media
  8. Homosexual activist Kevin Jennings was appointed by President Obama to be the “Safe Schools Czar.”  Jennings founded the pro-homosexual Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) organization.  Jennings also used drugs as a youth and is unrepentant, and as a school official once failed to report an underage homosexual contact between a student and a man the student met at a bus station.  Jennings’ role model is Harry Hay, a NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) advocate, sponsored an obscene, anti-Christian “art” exhibit, and his GLSEN organization taught school children how to “fist.”
  9. While the entire “stimulus” aka “porkulus” package was a fraud, we also learned that Democrat districts received nearly twice as much taxpayer largess as did Republican ones.  Now, maybe this made some sense (liberal economic policies usually do screw up the economy, so maybe they needed it more), or maybe it was just some nest-feathering and vote-buying.  You be the judge.

In any event, we can be sure that the old Soviet Pravda and Tass “news” propaganda organizations had nothing on American lamestream media.  They can cover up government corruption and incompetence, ignore facts and reality, and spin good into evil and evil into good with the best of communist propaganda artists.

If you value your freedom,  be sure to do your own research in 2010.  The folks who’s job it is to keep us informed: they’ve been out to lunch a loooong time, and there are no signs they’re coming back anytime soon.

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