´╗┐ Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Dec. 26, 2009

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Dec. 26, 2009

These are the articles you considered the best of the best over the Christmas week. If you missed one the first time around or just want to read one again, this is your chance!

December 25 and the Origin of Christmas – Was December 25 just a pagan holiday Christians took for their own religious holiday? Is there any reason to believe December 25 might really be the birthday of Jesus Christ? Some historians, including early church fathers, think there is a good case for December 25 as the actual date for the first Christmas.

Sleaze and Slop Returns to White House Christmas Tree – Remember the debauched Clinton White House Christmas tree? Flashbacks of this high depravity come as we find ornaments of drag queens and communist butchers adorn the Obama White House Christmas tree.

Were Governor Rounds and Senator Thune politically correct? – It seems more expressions of “Happy Holidays” have been heard lately than ever before. But is “Happy Holidays” actually politically correct?

An Insult to All Science Are We Beyond Reproach? – We tend to place great faith in scientists in many areas of our lives. ┬áUnfortunately, the ClimateGate scandal has proved this faith is too often misplaced in our modern hyper-political world.

Senate Whores: Let the Fiddling Begin – The U.S. Senate preens and postures about fairness and equality, but when it comes right down to it, all they want is a higher price for the screwing theyre giving the American people.

Jack Bauer Interrogates Santa – Jack Bauer, once the head of the now disbanded Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), accuses Santa Claus of terrorist acts against the United States.

Shifting Gears: Land Rising Despite Melting Glaciers – While global warming fanatics predict coastal cities under water due to melting glaciers, land in Alaska is actually rising as glaciers melt.

Tenth Amendment Backlash Against Unconstitutional Health Care Bill – The people and the states aren’t taking passage of the un-American, un-Constitutional, corrupt government health care bill sitting down. Legal challenges, Tenth Amendment challenges, nullification and more are on the table in the face of this unprecedented slap in the face to the U.S. Constitution and freedom.

Communist White House Christmas Ornament Troubles – BigGovernment.com released photos revealing a Mao Zedong ornament reportedly on the tree in the Blue Room. Other pictured ornaments depict transvestite Hedda Lettuce and Mount Rushmore with President Obama’s head added to it.

Senate Vote: Dems Don’t Give a Rip about Constitutionality – There is no requirement more important for legislation than it pass the test of constitutionality. Yet Democrats in the Senate rejected on a party-line vote the call to even examine the constitutionality of their socialist health care bill. Be assured: the American people will not allow this contempt to stand.

Thank you, Faithful Readers, for making these the best of the best last week!

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