Copenhagen: What’s at Stake


Steven Groves

Heritage Foundation analyst Steven Groves takes a look at what’s at stake at the UN Climate Change treaty discussions in Copenhagen.

The government oversight group for compliance that’s being discussed would be one that is unaccountable to the people.

This group will be making the final determination as to whether the U.S. is meeting its obligations under the proposed climate treaty, whether the U.S. has transferred enough of the wealth of the people of the United States to corrupt officials in Third World Countries, etc.

Unlike most treaties, where we are able to ratify it based on certain statements of conditions and understandings, this one is pretty much settled in stone. If we end up finally proving that anthropogenic global warming is a load of bunk (which has already pretty much been done, but we haven’t been able to rub the noses of the elites in that realization yet), too bad, we’re stuck under the thumb of these anti-American thugs in the UN.

Our elected officials need to know in no uncertain terms that we the people will not stand for having our sovereignty chained to this nonsense.

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