Climate Goons Again Protect Al Gore From Scrutiny

McAleerMicFilm maker Phelim McAleer again tries to get a straight answer out of Al Gore at the Copenhagen Climate Hysteria Confab, only to be thwarted by climate goons who keep the dirty unwashed like McAleer away from His Holiness Al Gore.

McAleer tried to ask Gore about some errant statements Gore has made and whether Gore would like to correct the record. Gore claims the Climategate emails and documents showing the monkey business at the Climate Research Unit were all at least 10 years old and therefore “sound and fury signifying nothing.”

As if we are supposed to believe that the monkey business, data dumping, fudging and “tricks” magically ended 10 years ago due to a pang of conscience at the CRU.

In reality, some are only a couple of months old.

Unfortunately when McAleer tried to ask Gore if he’d like to correct himself, not only was he not allowed to get within several feet of Gore, a UN security guard pulled the wire out of McAleer’s microphone.

I guess that’s what happens when you mess with “consensus.”

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16 Responses to “Climate Goons Again Protect Al Gore From Scrutiny”

  1. Al Gore is becoming the new Jim Baker; the ultimate in hypocrisy. Like Sam Kinison said about Baker “he ought to have the common decency to take his own life”.

  2. Gore has made his millions, move along, nothing to see here ( except snow outside the building)

  3. That is an incredibly ugly thing to say…worse even than lying about the weather!

  4. I'd have to agree. If I hadn't been in such a hurry and only glanced at the comment before approving it, I probably wouldn't have approved it. I'm reasonably sure cv33 was joking, but unfortunately it's not in good taste.

  5. Before you go saying anything else you should take a look at this:
    Any good at reading charts? Have you seen the names at the bottom? Change you brain any?
    (Thought not)

  6. Wow! Those are some pretty pictures and reputable-sounding names, and I like that chart, very speculative! I'll bet those fine organizations are collaborators with the highly respectable and above-board University of East Anglia. Quite impressive credentials all around!

  7. I thought would help you understand that you are *again* being duped by FOX.
    (guess not)

  8. Sorry, James, but I don't even own a television, much less subscribe to cable networks.

    My views are formed by reading and natural observation. Our world was designed by God as a home for us, and the world is more than sufficient for that purpose. The ones who are being duped are the poor, deluded souls who don't see this “global warming/climate change” scam for what it is: a pure power, money and freedom grab by the global elites.

  9. Sorry Gina – I just assumed you were a regular Hannity watcher or Limbaugh listener because you repeat the manta of these people so well (power grab, global elites etc). Your world may well have been designed by God but I have to live in the much more messy real world.

  10. You say I “repeat the mantra?” Is that what you think my words are?

    As far as living in the “messy real world” goes, let me re-state the messy reality here, in case you didn't comprehend it the first time. This “global warming/climate change” scam is not just a pure power, money and freedom grab (did you catch that FREEDOM part?!), it is the BIGGEST, most AUDACIOUS, power, money and freedom grab in the history of the entire world!

    Wake up, you poor fellow, before it's too late for you!

  11. Gina โ€“ yes your words are a mantra. I listen/hear it day in and day out from the right wing commentators who always end with a complaint about the some conspiracy or other that it comes from the all powerful media elite all the while ignoring the fact the News Corp (FOX et al) is the largest news supplier in the US.

    I spent most of my life as an engineer and a scientist and I know how a scientist thinks. I can assure you that the very last thing a scientist would do is to try to change data to fit a preconceived notion. It does happen when it does that person is immediately drummed out of the scientific community because of it. I have gone through the emails from England and understand what they were trying to do to come to an understanding of the climate and the computer models they were trying to construct. To think that they were doing it to conceal a vast conspiracy is absurd and to think that Al Gore is involved in some sort of mad money grab is even more absurd (after all Gore is one of the truly wealthy people in the world already).

    For the life of me I canโ€™t understand why people will disbelieve the long standing science and volumes of facts presented to them by thousands of well meaning experts in climatology. Another thing I canโ€™t understand is how those same people could also believe in a God without the slightest shred of evidence in reality other than a wish that it were so.

    Could you explain that to me?

  12. What I can explain to you is that there is nothing I can explain to you. You do not have eyes that see, ears that hear, or a mind that can understand Truth.

    Almost everything you wrote in your post, including what you said about God, is a lie. There is really nothing I can say, because you don't want to hear.

  13. Now I understand – why didn't you just say that in the beginning?

  14. I did say it in the beginning, but you didn't hear.

  15. I did say it in the beginning, but you didn't hear.