Blizzard Dampens Global Warming Protest Numbers

Oh, that Great Guy Upstairs is such a joker!  So often it seems when global warming fanatics try to hold a rally to get ginned up over anthropogenic global warming, they are encumbered by snow storms, blizzards, ice and cold.  What a bummer!

Remember a couple of weeks ago when people had trouble flying into Copenhagen for the global warming confab because of the blizzard? And the reporters a few days before that out in the cold, shivering as they waited to get into the global warming confab?    Or the big snowstorm in Washington D.C. the weekend the confab concluded?

Or Nancy Pelosi’s cancelled appearance at a global warming rally, nixed due to a blizzard?

Or the earth-worshippers in Canada who had to switch locations for their global warming rally due to a blizzard?

Or the global warming protest a couple of years ago at Mount Rushmore, where participants admitted they found it hard to concentrate on getting ginned up over global warming due to the cold.

Or the Senate hearing on global warming postponed because of the cold?

The latest story of such hardship comes from Salt Lake City, Utah and the Salt Lake Tribune where the story is told of a protest of the global warming talks in Copenhagen fell victim to a blizzard, causing few people to show up.
Aw, they were going to have a “scream in” (is that the latest liberal idiocy?), but few people came. Maybe all the snow somehow dampened their enthusiasm for complaining about human-caused global warming.  I wonder why…

But organizer and Koolaid-Drinker-in-Chief Clea Major wasn’t going to allow something as petty as reality get in the way of some good liberal angst.  He said that, blizzard aside, global warming was going to bring big change to our little planet.

Yeah, this little thing like a blizzard aside…evil SUV-driving capitalists are about to destroy our planet and cause it to burn to a cinder!

Want proof that God exists?  Check the cosmic sense of humor when it comes to global warming fanatics.

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