The Right to Life Created the Right to Liberty

Thomas Jefferson wrote in his A Summary View of the Rights of British America that “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

What are the implications of the degradation of the right to life? As Thomas Jefferson said, life and liberty are inseparable. Liberty is the exercise of the gift of life. It is the guiding principle that people are not property. Socialism overthrows that principle. If we are ever property, we are always property. Children are not even property of parents. When God gives life, He gives it in trust to parents (the traditional family) for the purpose of nurture and protection. Liberty is the principle that we all have the basic inalienable right to the ordering of our own life and labor, that in a free society we are citizens and not subjects.

American civics classes used to teach the principle that freedom was the right to every citizen in a free and open society to basic things. Freedom of movement, of labor, of education, and of belief: these were the bare essentials. In America, we have espoused a common belief that there are basic inalienable rights. This is our commonality, the foundation of our belief that the term “the people” means we are free citizens with a common interest in building and maintaining the laws and liberties of a free society.

The oppositional view of socialism degrades human life, stifles human enterprise, and enslaves the human soul. It never works without tyranny; without a swarm of professionals and elitists legislating and beating “the people” into submission. They enforce the dictates of a State in which “the people” no longer refers to individual citizens with basic human rights, but to the masses granted or denied rights for “the common good” by a paternalistic State. The people then become the subject owned by the State, just as much as if they had a human king.

The pro choice movement advocates the right of doctors and scientists to determine the viability and value of individual human lives.

Do you people who advocate this actually believe that we will keep our liberty, when doctors, psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies, and law enforcement can have this kind of power?

Do you believe that we will keep our freedom if some people in our government get their way and enact legislation to remove 2nd Amendment rights from those classified as mentally ill, legislation requiring mental health screening of all children in America, legislation mandating that some religious beliefs be classified as mental illness, legislation mandating the “right” to treatment, and legislation mandating nationalized health care?

Once we lose it, do you think we will get it back very easily, if at all? What is to stop any of this if life is a nuisance to be disposed of by “women and their doctors”, and a commodity to be exploited by Planned Parenthood, and people are considered property?

Some South Dakotans have said the abortion issue should have been settled “once and for all’ when the voters rejected the abortion ban in 2006.” As long as there is human life, there will be a basic human right to that life. As surely as there are those in every generation who murder those lives and destroy liberty, there must be those of us in every generation who fight that every step of the way.

Some of us fight because we understand the connection between life and liberty, the principle that when life is not sacred and protected, that liberty cannot survive. Slavery was not settled “once and for all.” It is back, under the name Human Trafficking.

John Greenleaf Whittier spoke of the battle against slavery in the 19th century. He wrote in 1836 in Song of the Free, “If we have whispered truth, Whisper no longer; Speak as the tempest does, sterner and stronger; Still be the tones of truth Louder and firmer, Startling the haughty South with the deep murmur; God and our charter’s right, Freedom for ever! Truce with oppression,-Never, oh, never!”

Clark M. Jones is a member of Citizens for Liberty, the group which organized the Rapid City Tax Day Tea Party and the Rapid City Independence Day Tea Party.

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