Socialists in a Panic Over ClimateGate…to Pass UN Climate Treaty

In October we learned about the upcoming UN Climate Treaty gathering in Copenhagen and how President Barack Obama was expected to sign this thing, making the U.S. Constitution subservient to UN climate law designed to fight a problem that doesn’t even exist. We have Lord Christopher Monckton of Great Britain to thank for exposing this threat.

Then we heard a few weeks later from the New York Times that the deal was falling apart and that we shouldn’t expect any agreement to come together in Copenhagen in December.

But that was before the ClimateGate release of emails from a key global warming group in Britain which showed global warming fanatics talking to one another about how to manipulate the scientific data so that it appeared to back up their outrageous claims about anthropogenic global warming.

j0442320Now that the cat is out of the bag (while the American “mainstream” media is still desperately trying to keep it hush-hush), we learn President Obama is wearing some of the emperor’s new clothes and headed to Copenhagen with the intention of subjugating our nation with this treaty.

Charles Payne recently interviewed the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Chris Horner who said this

So they’re trying to brazen this out, Charles, and the president, as you indicated, I believe, is doubling down. They’re panicked. They’re going to politically commit the U.S. in three weeks to a treaty now in violation of their own express policy of waiting for Congress to tell them what they’re able to do because they really do believe they must act now.

It would seem, then, that Obama and his fellow global warming alarmists realize the gig is nearly up and they have to grab whatever power they can for world government under the auspices of global warming disaster while they can.  After all, the number of people who are buying this silly theory has been dropping for some time, and with the duplicity of the apostles of global warming now exposed, expect those numbers of believers to become anemic.

Newsbusters lays out a compelling case here.

If Obama and his fellow socialists don’t act now, they may miss their last chance to bring America under the heel of socialist government (at least under the excuse of global warming apocalypse).

But there’s one key truth that Obama and other socialists fail to properly appreciate: Americans aren’t compliant European sheep.

We’ll stand against this, and undo it if we have to.

12 Responses to “Socialists in a Panic Over ClimateGate…to Pass UN Climate Treaty”

  1. Bravo! We have nobody to defend us on this side of the Atlantic. Even with Climategate exposed, no news appear on TV or newspapers about it! The Copenhagen juggernaut is proceeding as iff nothing had happened, and trillions of dollars are involved to solve on a non-existent problem.

  2. Testimony of Richard C. Levin
    President, Yale University
    Committee on the Environment and Public Works
    April 3, 2008

    “The Panel concluded that, in the absence of corrective measures, global temperatures are likely to rise between 1 and 6 degrees centigrade by the
    end of this century, with the best estimates ranging between 2 and 4 degrees.”

    Actually Richard, your a bit high but very close, but I think it will be about 1.95 degrees (2.6 * 0.75);

    The human contribution to global warming:

    valadj=[0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,-0.1,-0.25,-0.3,0.,-0.1,0.3,0.8,1.2,1.7,2.5,2.6,2.6,2.6,2.6,2.6]*0.75 ; fudge factor



  3. Dear Mr Obama, Mr Gore, IPCC et al

    CLIMATE-GATE has arrived !
    The jig is up !
    Time to pay the piper !

  4. Obama is a fool if he things he can “walk this off.” This is his Monica Lewinski moment. Cap and Trade is dead and so are the Dems in 2010. If Obama doesn't throw some red meat to the Republicans, they are going to bludgeon him out of office with this in 2012.

  5. Stop all donations to the political party(s) responsible for this fraud. Stop donations to all environmental groups which funded this Global Warming propaganda campaign with our money, especially The Environmental Defense Fund. Write your state and federal representatives demanding wall to wall investigations of government sponsored funding and coordination of this and related propaganda campaigns and demand indictments of those responsible. Write your state and federal Attorneys General demanding Al Gore and others conducting Global Warming/Climate Change racketeering and mail fraud operations be brought to justice, indicted, tried, convicted and jailed.

  6. – NASA’s Latest Discovery: SUN HEATS THE EARTH (American Thincker, June 05, 2009) – Robert Calahan at NASA’s Goddard Space Center could be in big trouble — for telling the truth. Here is a headline for an article in the Daily Tech: “NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming”… World's Largest Science Group Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears…
    – Pentagon/NASA: Global Warming/Global Cooling… THE PENTAGON WARNS CLIMATE CHANGE WILL BRING GLOBAL CATASTROPHE… Now the PENTAGON TELLS BUSH (, 22 February 2004): climate change will destroy us… BRITAIN WILL BE 'SIBERIAN' in less than 20 years… Al Gore Sued By Over 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud:

  7. I think your analysis is right on target. I would go a step further, however, and suggest that we have been duped many times over similar fabricated crises, where forfeiture of individual freedoms or the disappearance of billions of bailout dollars are part of the prescriptive solution. The problem with climate change, is it is based on a fantasy, and not a tangible crisis– but nature is not cooperating. Without the CRU and IPCC collusion to create the illusion that it was actually unfolding the way their computer models said it would, it had no chance for legitimacy. This makes the desperation of forcing a deal at Copenhagen next month even more frightening.

  8. Carbon dioxide cause or effect?

    The climate activists believe that the CO2 is the reason for the climate changes. However, the chemical calculations prove that the reason is the temperature changes of the oceans. Warm seawater dissolves much less CO2 than cold seawater. Please see details from:

  9. Carbon dioxide cause or effect?

    The climate activists believe that the CO2 is the reason for the climate changes. However, the chemical calculations prove that the reason is the temperature changes of the oceans. Warm seawater dissolves much less CO2 than cold seawater. Please see details from: