Socialism Kills Innovation…Which Could Kill YOU

j0434728Senator Tim Johnson said today in Sioux Falls that it’s “a shame and a shock” that the United States doesn’t have universal coverage (a liberal euphemism for government health care).

The opposite actually the case: it’s a shame that he and his fellow socialists are hell-bent on wrecking the best health care system in the world.  Perhaps it’s just an inseparable consequence of the liberal predilection to “bash America first.”

I’ve long said that, even if not for our own sake but for Canada’s sake, we need to preserve free market health care in America and move back more fully toward it. If we embrace socialism like Canada, the UK and many others, where will they go when they can’t get treatment under their own government system?

Even the “mighty” Soviet Union–the beloved icon of Marxism worldwide–owed virtually all it’s innovations to the West–and their ability to steal and copy them from the West.

The National Center for Policy Analysis examines a report called “Bending the Productivity Curve: Why America Leads the World in Medical Innovation” by Glen Whitman and Raymond Raad.

The study examines basic science, diagnostics, therapeutics, and business models, finding that the U.S. leads in the first three, while the fourth one has minimal data available put paints a universal picture of weakness.

The Whitman/Raad report found that when comparing the 681 million combined population of the European Union, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and Australia to the 307 million population United States, the United States had 30% more Nobel prizes for medicine and physiology than the aforementioned combined competition.

The report looked at the top 27 medical innovations from 1975 to 2000, comparing the U.S. to the European Union and Switzerland, finding the U.S. had produced 30% more than the competition. When comparing the top 10, the number rose to 45% more from the U.S. (More than one country shares credit for some innovations)

From 1968 to 2007 the United States produced 16 of the top 29 pharmaceutical innovations while the EU and Switzerland came in at 15.

So why is the United States the world leader in medical innovation? The report found

Although many factors are surely relevant, one likely contributor is differences in monetary compensation. Other things being equal, individuals and firms will tend to invest more in medical innovation when (a) they expect a larger return; (b) the returns will last for a longer period of time; and (c) the returns arrive sooner rather than later.

Imagine that! The free market system (which has produced the vast majority of the world’s wonders) produces better results than anything else.

Apparently nothing–including health care and dreams of Utopia–trumps real life. Everything in our imperfect world is always going to be subject to the sway of imperfect human nature. If you want the best health care (as with the best food, the best house, the best car, the best clothes, the best…), be prepared to pay for it. If you’re willing to settle for stagnation and mediocrity, then by all means, champion Marxism.

And these silly liberals want us to abandon the best model and aim for the mediocrity of the rest of the world!

Any day of the week, I’ll take an innovative, thriving system where health care may be expensive and I can exercise my ingenuity and hard work to try and pay for it, over  a stagnant, Marxist system where I either have to be one of the pigs or resign myself to the lowest common denominator doled out to the unwashed masses by government bureaucrats.

Liberals love to lift their effete noses in the air and point out that the U.S. is the only country in the developed world that isn’t embracing the socialistic model.

My response? Thank God!

(And so should the rest of the world, which owes us so much for paving the way in life-saving innovations)

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