NY Times: Copenhagen Climate Deal on Hold

j0316415If this is indeed true and not just some maneuver to get we the people to drop our guard, this is great news!

If you’ve been alert in guarding your freedom, you probably heard Lord Christopher Monckton raise the alarm about a month ago about the upcoming UN Climate Change Treaty planned for December in Copenhagen.

Monckton talked with Glenn Beck about it on Beck’s radio program:

This is the conference of the state’s parties to the United Nations framework convention on climate change, which is a hell of a mouthful, I know. But this has been in the planning for two years, ever since the same conference met in Barley. They always meet somewhere nice. This time it’s going to be Copenhagen. And at Barley it was planned. As soon as they had got George Bush out of the way, they would push through a climate treaty which would involve the vast transfer of wealth from the west to poorer countries, in the name of what is called reparations for climate debt. Now, the extraordinary thing about the draft treaty which I have now seen is that it goes far further than anything that was planned at any previous session. What they’re now going to do is to set up a world government, and the word “Government” actually appears in the treaty. But you heard it here first. The word “Election, democracy, vote, or ballot” does not appear anywhere in the 200 pages of the treaty…

And what it says is this: There will be a new vast interlocking bureaucratic entity created at huge expense to you and me and that bureaucratic entity will have three purposes, the first of which is twice stated to be government. The second purpose is stated to be the transfer or redistribution of wealth from countries like ours to third world countries in reparation for what is described in the treaty as climate debt. In other words, we’ve been burning CO2 in huge quantities. They say that’s altering the climate. Actually we now know it isn’t, but they say it is. And therefore they say we have to pay, get this, anything up to 2% of GDP every year to poorer countries. Now, the third element in the task of this new government will be what is called enforcement. In other words, the power of the new government to make Democratic countries hand over their cash, whether they like it or not. But more than that, there will be an interlocking series of so called technical panels which will have the right directly to intervene in the economies and in the environment of individual countries over the heads of their elected governments. So what we are talking about is a fledgling world government and because it’s not elected, it’s essentially a communist world government.

Nothing like seeing the process of losing our freedoms–already accelerated under Barack Obama–go into overdrive, eh? Put our entire sovereign country under the management of these corrupt dirtbags and despots at the United Nations, eh?

Well, the New York Times is reporting

President Obama and other world leaders have decided to put off the difficult task of reaching a climate change agreement at a global climate conference scheduled for next month, agreeing instead to make it the mission of the Copenhagen conference to reach a less specific “politically binding” agreement that would punt the most difficult issues into the future.

The failure (thank God) of this climate summit before it even happens is, of course, like always, the United State’s fault:

Among the chief barriers to a comprehensive deal in Copenhagen was Congress’s inability to enact climate and energy legislation that sets binding targets on greenhouse gases in the United States. Without such a commitment, other nations are loath to make their own pledges.

While the House managed to quickly slip this by the American people before we knew every assault on the American people that was in the the bill, the uprising of the American people against this offensive nonsense over the summer has helped to stall “progress” in the Senate.

If the other world leaders were truly worried about fighting this problem that doesn’t exist, there’s nothing stopping them. They could go ahead and do what they could to fight the imaginary problem of anthropogenic global warming.

Of course, we know (so they tell us) that the United States is the most evil, most polluting nation on this or any other planet…even though the nations who signed onto Kyoto have done a lousy job of living up to that foolish nonsense…even though the United States–without signing Kyoto–has reduced its emissions more than the European countries that did sign it.

But it really isn’t about having a world agreement to fight this imaginary problem, is it?

It’s really about crippling and emasculating the Great Satan of the world (the United States), isn’t it?

Well, hopefully we’ve dodged a deadly bullet, and that castration has been put off for a while longer, giving us more time to expose this fraudulent, anti-freedom, anti-American scheme to more people…and get our government back from the socialists in 2010 and 2012.

But remain vigilant, my fellow Americans.  As soon as they believe we aren’t watching, these enemies of liberty will move to slip this past us.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

HT: Newsbusters.

5 Responses to “NY Times: Copenhagen Climate Deal on Hold”

  1. If this is true and i suspect it is then both parties are involved .That is the reason the Republican leadership supports people like the woman that ran in the New York 23rd district.We have got to change things this next election,if we can still vote.If Obama and congress thinks the American people are going to take this lieing down their crazy.People you had better start calling your congressmen and women and start asking questions.I know Obama and this congress is capable of doing this and i knew it was going to happen but i didnt know it was that close.

  2. Why is everyone in such a hurry to be enslaved and in dire poverty?

    Re:Writing for World Net Daily, Dr. Jerome Corsi states, My research of the Climate Change document that Monckton references found the following: it is a 181-page working document that does not mention the words “ballot,” “elected official,” or “vote” anywhere in it. In my opinion, Lord Monckton did not exaggerate; if anything, he may have understated the situation. The document does indeed appear to be the institutional framework for an unelected supreme communist-style world government.

    By signing this document, the United States (and other industrial nations) will forever take responsibility for the ills of backwards and third world countries. And, according to Lord Monckton, this would include China and India, along with the countries of Africa.link:http://www.infowars.com/climate-change-treaty-a-precursor-to-global-government/

    And yet so many people, on all these articles at G & M are so bound to be signed into bondage by this so called climate Treaty! Am I to believe some people desire to be sub-servient slaves? I cannot believe there are people who have bought this bait that will enslave them and their family! How would they live with knowing their gullibility got them a ball and chain?

    Everyone needs to sit down and see this video that shows just how corrupt our American and English Government and Governments around the world have become, if only in order to prepare for the damage they are doing to our country's monetary and resource systems, that will affect you and all of us and our lifestyles! Give yourself the chance to be prepared by looking ahead! Here is the link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VebOTc-7shU