New Poll Finds Low Approval for Obamacare

j0441527Approval among Americans for government health care has been dropping, dropping, dropping.

Now a new poll from Quinnipiac University finds only 41% of likely voters approve of President Barack Obama’s handling of the health care issue.

The poll also found out a few other interesting things:

  • 74% like Obama as a person but only 47% like most of his policies
  • 46 percent like Obama as a person and like most of his policies;
  • 28 percent like him as a person, but don’t like most of his policies;
  • 1 percent like his policies, but don’t like him as a person;
  • 20 percent don’t like him or his policies.

Read the entire poll report here.

Though there are plenty of Americans out there quite willing (even eager) to steal from other Americans to feather their own nest, and to see their own Constitution trashed to make way for this socialized health care plan, most Americans still have a great unease over such things.

Despite the best efforts of liberals to rewrite America’s history and get us to forget about our roots of freedom, self-reliance, fairness and free-market, most Americans still recognize that plans like this health care scheme are not in accordance with American ideals and principles–or our Constitution.

In the next few elections, it’s time we gave walking papers to these socialist usurpers in our government and replaced them with real Americans who will take their oath to the Constitution seriously.

It’s time to put our republic back on the track of freedom.

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