Navigating the Liberal Lexicon of Socialized Health Care

Navigating the Liberal Lexicon of Socialized Health Care

CG728If you’ve ever tried to make sense of what liberals tell you and attempted to compare it to reality, you know that “translations” are needed because liberals seldom say what the mean and mean what they say.

So it is with the liberal zeal to socialize health care in America.

Ross Kaminsky at Human Events has put together a “Devil’s Dictionary of Healthcare Reform” to assist the average American in getting the facts about the government health care plan being pushed by socialists in congress.

Here area  few examples of these helpful translations:

Abortion — A practice opposed by many, supported by many, and almost certain to be funded with government money under Democratic “Reform”; for a related term, see “Illegal aliens”

Affordable — Something which you know will be rapidly increasing in price but which Government will let you pay for with someone else’s money (until it runs out; see Thatcher, Margaret.)

Canada and England — People whose citizens come to the US for critical medical care when they can afford it because the US does not have the health care system they do.

Choice — A decision you may make, selecting from a list preselected bu a bureaucrat; depending on the issue, the number of possibilities may range from zero to three; Alternatively, something Democrats believe citizens are not smart enough to make.

Existing Coverage — A health insurance plan which the vast majority of Americans are happy with and which will be caused to double or triple in price before being forced out of existence so that you Shall be in the Public Option; related: see “Shall”

Public Option — A government-mandated health insurance plan which one can only escape from by no longer being part of the public, i.e. by being elected to Congress; A socialized medical system which must lead to high prices, high taxes, fewer doctors, less health care innovation, and suggesting Grandma have the good manners to just get on with it.

Trigger mechanism — The health insurance equivalent of a kidnapper putting a shotgun in your mouth and tying a string from the trigger to the door handle that you would need to turn to escape; Also, code for “we trust Americans aren’t smart enough to know that this really means “Public Option'”.

Be sure to read all of Kaminsky’s piece to ensure you are properly prepared for the rape of your freedom and prosperity the socialists in congress are poised to perpetrate upon you.

No one should be oppressed without fully understanding how and why.

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