Green Jobs: Expending Much Effort for Less Return

j0441326Ignoring for a moment jobs in the “carbon credit” scam industry, what are we to make of “green jobs” involved in the production of “green” energy?

The National Center for Policy Analysis prepares an analysis based on a report from the “Study of the Effects of Employment of Public Aid to Renewable Energy Sources” from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Among their findings:

  • “Green jobs” are just a shell game. They just transfer wealth from companies and industries the government does not favor to politically favored ones.
  • “Green jobs” hype ignores the fundamental rules of productivity which seek the highest number of outputs for the lowest number of outputs
    • “Green jobs” require more employees to produce the same amount as real jobs; in the case of solar power, 9 times as many, and wind, twice as many
  • Lessons from Europe’s mistakes tell us it’s a waste of time, money and effort
    • Spain lost more than 2 real jobs for every 1 “green” job created
    • Only 10% of the jobs created were permanent
    • The average green job created adds to consumer costs
  • Projections for the United States show for 5 million “green jobs” created we will lose 11 million jobs in more useful jobs

Until a “green job” produces something we actually need, and does it at a cost competitive with real jobs, the goods and services produced by “green jobs” are akin to elbow paint: yeah, you could paint your elbow, but what good does it do you?

So do we really need to go through all these gyrations, lost jobs, and extra cost to the taxpayer and consumer…all to fight a problem that doesn’t even exist in the first place?

Perhaps if you’re insane or an environmental wack-job (pretty much one and the same), or someone in the “green” industry, or a politician beholden to someone in the “green” industry, you might want to.

But if you’re a common-sense American, I don’t think so.

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