Ft Hood Investigators: Political Correctness Would Have Crucified Us

Ft Hood Investigators: Political Correctness Would Have Crucified Us


In the wake of 13 new victims of the “religion of peace,” many reasonable people are looking at the connection between Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan’s religion and his act of terrorism at Ft. Hood.

These same reasonable people are wondering why authorities seem to be acting like blind men bumbling around in the dark looking for a cause, when that cause and the connections seem pretty clear to most.

In fact, we’re starting to hear some officials spilling the beans about the atmosphere of political correctness (inappropriate anywhere, but especially in the area of government entrusted with the defense of our country) and how it discourages aggressive investigation of threats.

From Fox News:

Multiple investigators familiar with the FBI’s review of the Fort Hood case told Fox News that they simply did not have enough evidence to launch an investigation. Though officials discovered Hasan’s e-mails to the imam, one government counterterrorism investigator said the messages suggested he was seeking “spiritual and religious guidance.”

“(Hasan) appeared to be at a moral impasse, a moral dilemma who was reaching out for advice,” the investigator said. “Had we launched an investigation of Hasan we’d have been crucified.”

The investigator added that the communications were shared with the “appropriate chains,” including the Department of Defense. The source suggested Hasan may have had other suspicious contacts, telling Fox News “no one missed anything or connections to nefarious individuals.”

Officials have consistently batted down suggestions that they “sat” on critical information about Hasan. One investigator said Monday that “I don’t have any evidence” Hasan was given light treatment because of his religion or fear of a discrimination suit.

But even after the attacks, some have been reluctant to cite religion as a factor, as evidence has mounted that the alleged gunman’s Muslim faith was at least a partial factor in the decision to mount the attack.

As if the politically correct environment concerning “the religion of peace” before this attack wasn’t enough, the walking-on-eggshells approach the “mainstream” media and Apostles of Political Correctness in government have taken since the shooting tells the tale.

What religion has motivated virtually all if not completely all terrorist attacks in the last year?  The last five years?  The last 10 years?  The last 20 years?  I think we all know the answer, and to pretend that we don’t is to indulge in more political correctness and purposeful stupidity.

True, many Muslims are peaceful people with no interest whatsoever in shooting or blowing themselves or anyone else for Allah.

But when we start to see anti-American behavior, hostile behavior, and contacts with dangerous people from an adherent of the “religion of peace,” only a fool would pretend the threat doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately it appears exactly such foolishness may have cost the lives of 13 Americans and wounded many more.

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