Environmentalists Shoot Themselves–and Everyone Else–in the Foot

Environmentalists Shoot Themselves–and Everyone Else–in the Foot

CG1E6Isn’t it hilarious when environmental extremists shoot themselves in the foot?

This would be funny…if it didn’t adversely affect our nation’s energy production.

You might recall a few weeks ago when the cancellation of the Big Stone II power plant was greeted with glee from environmentalists. You’d think Christmas had come early, they were so happy to see this proposed power plant go down the tubes (despite the great need for more energy in our growing nation).

Wind power! Wind power! Wind power! is the mantra of the environmentalists (that, and bicycles for everyone except Al Gore…and maybe, well, they themselves)

I have nothing against wind power. I think it’s cool. I drove through Minnesota a few years ago, driving along and through miles of huge turbines, and I drove near some a few weeks ago, though I can’t recall exactly where. They’re quite a sight to behold, and they do add to our nation’s available energy.

But are they as cost-effective and reliable as our coal power plants? Ah, no. So unless there’s a way to bring the costs of energy production using wind turbines down (without sticking it to the American people by gouging them somewhere else, like their tax dollars in the form of subsidies), I’m not of a mood to go throwing my money away on something that’s “neat.”

But glad they were, the environmentalists, when Big Stone II went down, and rejoice they did over their windmills.

Unfortunately, in their zeal to see Big Stone II go down in flames, they also torpedoed their hopes of a serious wind farm here in South Dakota. You see, we’ve long had a dearth of high-capacity power lines in South Dakota necessary to transmit the power from said wind turbines.

From the Rapid City Journal:

Following news of the project’s failure, Rounds’ press secretary, Joe Kafka, issued a written statement last week to The Daily Republic.

“The governor feels it’s a setback to development of the wind-energy sector in the state, because enhanced transmission capacity was tied to the project,” Kafka wrote. “Without the ability to move larger amounts of wind energy to markets in large cities to the east, plans for future wind-energy projects may be sidetracked.”

Big Stone II’s fate was sealed recently when Otter Tail Power, of Fergus Falls, Minn., pulled out of the $1.6 billion project partnership. Otter Tail cited concerns about pending “cap and trade” legislation, which would require air polluters such as power plants to obtain permits and buy pollution allowances. The rest of the project partners pulled out when no replacement for Otter Tail could be recruited to invest.

But we need the cap and trade global warming tax to fight the non-existent problem of anthropogenic global warming!  Why, if we don’t stop this imaginary problem…life will continue as it otherwise would have.  And worst of all, capitalists will continue to make money (the horror).

But while groups like the Heritage Foundation and I tried to warn South Dakotans that this unconstitutional, un-American cap and trade global warming tax was going to hit us hard in South Dakota (as well as the rest of the country), some children didn’t want to listen.  Like spoiled 14-year olds, you just can’t tell them a thing.

Well, that’s liberalism: always ready to reject a solid, cost-effective solution for the hope of something “neat” tomorrow…or the day after…or the day after that…or…

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