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Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Insurance Mandate

According to an AP poll at, a plurality of Americans are opposed to the socialist takeover of health care being pushed in congress, and even more are opposed to government health insurance mandates.

Is ‘Good’ Good Enough When It Comes to the Truth?

Is it accurate that as long as I’m better than the worst examples of human beings, I’m alright. In other words, as long as I don’t torture puppies and murder people, God’s “down with that” and has to let me into Heaven when I die?

Happiness: A Personal Pursuit, Not a Government Mandate

American Ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not unattainable, impractical things. They are the essence of the American Dream. Protecting life, defending liberty, and pursuing happiness built America. These things will revive America.

It’s Never Too Early to be Too Late

Are we going to stand complicit in our silence as wars without limit fought by people who proudly proclaim they love death more than we love life shoot our unarmed citizens in the name of God? Will we allow apologists for evil to blame the second amendment instead of telling us the truth? It’s time to rise up and say enough is enough!

Trouble in Green Paradise: Wind Farm Scams

We are frequently told it is the fossil fuel industry that is full of greed. So is the “green” energy industry a paragon of virtue and altruism? The arrests of wind farm millionaires in Europe–who have ties to wind energy in the United States–for taxpayer funded fraud seems to tell another story.

Speaking of Seniors – Medicare Failed Immigrant

If Obama and his allies in Congress impose a national health care system that is modeled on Medicare, then everyone will start having wrongful medical bill problems. If you think that health care is expensive now, just wait until the government makes it “free.”