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Finding God in 60 Days

You probably won’t want to play this in your Sunday School class or for Sunday night church, and probably not even at your small-group Bible study, but some slightly irreverent parts aside, this is funny and insightful in many ways. How to find God in 60 Days (or your meaningless existence back).

“Swine Flu” revisited

1976 was the year of the U.S. Bicentennial. 1976 was a presidential election year. 1976 was two years after Watergate caused Nixon’s resignation, and one year after the fall of Saigon. The U.S. government, both Republicans and Democrats, had never been held in such low esteem. Practically every elected official felt an overwhelming itch that patriotic year to do something to get the public thinking of them as good guys again. A swine flu pandemic was an opportunity on a plate. What better way to get into the good graces of the voters than to save them from a plague?

Can we trust the CDC?

In a press conference this week representatives of the Centers for Disease Control revealed estimates of the extent of the H1N1 Influenza pandemic that increased by several orders of magnitude from previous estimates. Can we rely on the accuracy of this information?

President Obama Again Bows to a Foreign King

Several months ago, President Barack Obama bowed and scraped before the king of Saudi Arabia. How he’s at it again, bowing before the emperor of Japan.

Without Life, No Rights

What abortion advocates ignore is that unless we first preserve the right to life, all other rights are meaningless. Rights mean nothing to a corpse.

Speaking of Seniors: Saving $2,568

Medicare and its myriad of problems should demonstrate that we shouldn’t trust the federal government with health care. That system’s problems will be multiplied exponentially if congress forces a government health care system on Americans.

Abortion and health care

We won’t get health care right if we think we can do it without thinking about life itself. Science is our tool, not our master. As we sit at the brink of health care socialism, it’s a good time to recall Jefferson’s words that “God who gave us life gave us liberty.”