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Survivor of Socialism Has Warning for America

Kitty Werthmann survived seven years under Nazi rule in Austria and the difficult years after World War II before coming to the United States in 1950. She sees many parallels between how the Austrians lost their freedom, and many of the disturbing trends in the United States recently. She gave a speech in Rapid City outlining her concerns.

Report Documents Longstanding Media Love Affair With Communism

CNS News tells us about a new report published by the Media Research Center on the “mainstream” media’s efforts to hide where they could and dress up where they couldn’t the crimes and evil of communism. The report is called “Better Off Red? Twenty Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Recalling the Liberal Media’s Blindness to the Evil of Communism.”

South Dakota Group Announces Opposition to Repeal of Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban

On Thursday, The Coalition for Cures Not Cloning, joined by Dr. Mick Vanden Bosch, current state legislator Manny Steele (R), former state legislator Mary Glenski (D), and other organizations, announced their opposition to an effort which, if approved, would allow cloning on the 2010 ballot.

The Effects and Dangers of Constitutional Contempt

Dr. Walter Williams examines the effects and dangers of elected representatives who show contempt for the Constitution. He also looks at a step we can take to reduce such blatant contempt and better hold our officials accountable.

Congressional Socialist Looks to Silence Catholics

When Christians exercise their freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression, the Apostles of Tolerance on the Left suddenly lose their love for “tolerance” and seek to bring the heavy hammer of government and taxation down on those who dare speak out for morality in the public square.

Fox should replace Geraldo with Dobbs

With Dobbs free from his contract at CNN, now is the perfect time for Fox to dump Geraldo and get a real American on board as his replacement. Lou Dobbs would be a good fit in the Fox evening line-up. We wouldn’t mind if he took Shep’s time slot.

Constitutional Authority for Govt Health Care: Elected Reps Have No Answer

One news organization is doing the work of journalism and asking elected representatives where they find the Constitutional authority for a government health care system. Without fail, they are finding that these socialist usurpers cannot answer the question. They cannot answer the question for a simple reason: there is no Constitutional authority to do this. Which makes it illegal.

Speaking of Seniors: Medicare Harmed New Client

If Obama and his allies in Congress impose a national health care system like that of Medicare on the nation, then millions more people will start to have unpaid medical bill problems like senior citizens have had for years.