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Liberals Love Fox News

Who would have ever thought liberals might praise the fair and balanced Fox News channel? But Fox News criticism of a supposed mistake by Sarah Palin has liberal hearts (who hate Palin more than Fox News) all a twitter.

Political Correctness Punishes Even When No Law is Violated

Tremendous abuses can be perpetrated on everyday people–especially people of faith–in the name of political correctness, “anti-discrimination,” and “hate crime” legislation. The latest illustration of this demonstrates that you don’t even have to break the law (or violate common sense) to be penalized for not worshiping at the altar of political correctness.

Ft Hood Investigators: Political Correctness Would Have Crucified Us

Investigators into the Ft. Hood terrorist massacre say they would have been “crucified” if they had gone after assassin Major Nidal Malik Hasan without more evidence.

Bristol University Study: Earth Still Absorbing CO2

The hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming–and all the assumptions that fuel it–are nonsense anyway, but the few remaining tenuous scientific props for this silly socialist scheme continue to crumble.The British Telegraph reports that despite Al Gore’s pronouncements of global doom, the planet continues to absorb CO2 and regulate itself.

Cap and Trade Bill So Flawed, EPA Lawyers Denounce It

The Waxman-Markey cap and trade global warming tax is such a bad idea, even a couple of lawyers from the EPA are sounding the alarm. Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel have created a video outlining their concerns about this fraudulent assault on the American way of life.

Liberal Wackos in Charge: How Did It Happen?

With all the insanity and anti-American behavior we’ve seen out of congress and the White House in the past 11 months, you might be wondering how we ever came to have such a bunch of reprobates running our country. Steve Crowder is here to help.

Examining the Demise of Federalism

The federal government is a creation of and servant to the States and the people of America. The federal government was never intended to boss around the States and lord it over them. Yet our lack of vigilance has allowed it to exceed its Constitutional authority. Find out how it happened, and how to correct it.