Archive for November 10th, 2009

Creation Museum a Top-Notch Tour of Biblical Science

A visit to the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky reveals a captivating look at creation science in a stunning 70,000 square-foot, $27 million facility. Featuring information about the museum and a slideshow of some of the offerings inside.

Navigating the Liberal Lexicon of Socialized Health Care

When trying to make sense of the liberal’s socialist health care plan, you need a guide to help you understand it and compare it to reality. Ross Kaminsky at Human Events has put together a “Devil’s Dictionary of Healthcare Reform” to assist the average American with this daunting challenge.

Coalition for Cures Not Cloning Defends Against Attack on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban

Coalition For Cures Not Cloning announces opposition to ballot measure that would reverse cloning ban and allow embryonic stem cell research in South Dakota. The slickly-named South Dakotans for Lifesaving Cures is preparing to launch an attack on South Dakota’s ban on human embryonic stem cell research.

Liberals Livid Over Abortion Prohibition in Health Care Bill

According to The Hill, pro-abortion liberals are livid over the Stupak abortion amendment to the House health care bill which (for the moment) blocks abortion in the government health care plan.

Liberal Academia To the Rescue of Communism’s Reputation

Liberal elitists at Washington University shut down a freedom display today on the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.