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We’re going to have to start listening to what they say

When bin Laden spoke for years about attacking the Great Satan, we should have paid attention. When Imams boasted of coming attacks in London and Madrid we shouldn’t have dismissed them out of hand. When Ahmadinejad talks of wiping out Israel, we shouldn’t assume that he is only engaging in rhetorical hyperbole for the sake […]

Election 2009: Lessons Taught And Learned?

For the Republican wing, the lesson is clear cut. Find core values that all elements of the GOP coalition can agree on – reduced taxes, greatly reduced spending, and absolute reductions in the powers of government – and demand all candidates adhere to those core values.

Call to Duty for South Dakota

“Pray South Dakota” is a group of South Dakotans who believe that real leadership begins with a strong moral foundation. We are asking people all across the State to join in this commitment to pray.