Archive for November 3rd, 2009

Technology exposes the lies of Planned Parenthood

A pro-abortion activist and former Planned Parenthood director becomes pro-life and resigns from PP because of a simple technological procedure. 4-D ultrasound, from GE, has illuminated the truth that some have tried so hard to hide from women for their own nefarious purposes. Once again, light extinguishes darkness as science discovers what God’s Word has told us all along.

Tea Party Express in Rapid City

The Tea Party Express made a stop in Rapid City on Monday where the message of limited Constitutional government continued. People came from the other side of the state from Sioux Falls, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and even farther to stand with and for their country.

Without Hope You’re Hopeless

Without hope you’re hopeless and I refuse to allow the unbelievable changes currently assaulting our economy and our political system to bring about my own personal Great Depression.