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For RINOs, Power More Important Than Principle

In the exciting New York congressional race, a RINO’s true colors are revealed: she’d rather see a Democrat win than see true Republican values triumph.

Dems on Health Care: You Can’t Be Trusted With Your Own Life

When socialists Democrats in congress announced their health care plans, they made sure the unwashed masses were kept back with police barricades.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 31, 2009

The best of the best from Dakota Voice last week, including: It’s Time to Go Home: Gary Harvey’s Case in Review; Sign-o-the-Times: The Obama-Nation; South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Unite Against Cap and Trade; ‘Public Option’ Titanic Strikes Iceberg, Fleeing Senators Take to the Lifeboats; Why Your Representatives Should Make You Mad as Hell; Valerie Jarrett: ‘Lapping for Action’; Speaking of Seniors – Lab Demanded Over $2,000 from Senior; and more!

Life Together: The Difference Between Doing Church and Being the Church

As Christians our foremost concern is not the political right or left but the Christian church that is called to bear testimony to the lordship of Jesus Christ. This is why marriage both as an ideal and in reality should matter to the church, because its condition within the body of Christ either serves or opposes the gospel of the kingdom.