What Would 44 Tons of Rotting Meat Smell Like?

File photo (Credit: Josh Minor)

File photo (Credit: Josh Minor)

South Dakota has made the national news again, and it stinks.

From Yahoo News:

Behind the freezer doors at a meat plant mysteriously abandoned by its owner, the 44 tons of bison meat managed to hold its own for months, masked by the brutal chill of two South Dakota winters.

Once the power was cut and spring thaw arrived, nature took over. And enough rotting meat to fill a high school gym did exactly what you’d expect: It stank.

It stank at the bank. It smelled at the law office. It reeked at the cafe. Even the jewelry store wasn’t immune. Everyone in this tiny town could smell it, everywhere they went. A putrid odor so downright nasty the cleaners sent to mop up the gooey mess of liquefied meat — topped by a blanket of swarming white maggots and buzzed by a legion of flies — gave up after two days.

I worked near a meat plant in Omaha several years ago, and some days it was hard to keep from launching your lunch. I can hardly begin to imagine what 44 tons of rotted, liquefied meat would smell like.

Read the rest of the rather lengthy story about this putrid problem here…if you dare.

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