Taking Action Against Anthropogenic Global Warming

GoreHotAirHave you ever had so much time on your hands that you needed something to waste it on?  Fighting a problem that doesn’t exist is a good way to waste your time.

That’s what a significant (but diminishing) number of people are doing by trying to combat anthropogenic (man-made) global warming.  It’s a problem that just doesn’t exist.

Oh, I know High Priest Al Gore the Magnificent has been telling us for years that earth is in the lurch, and if we don’t so something with 10 years, we’re doomed.  Actually, I think it was more like 15-20 years ago that he and other environmental fanatics told us this, so that means it’s already too late and we can all just sit back and enjoy the ride, even if they’re right, right? (Of course, this followed the predictions in the 1970s of a coming ice age…but “scientists” are never wrong, so don’t bring that up, either)

Well, that’s yet another little “inconvenient truth” they’d like us to forget about.  Just as Gore, the political animals at the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and other earth-worshippers would like us to forget about common sense and throw that out, too.

But, you see, there are some of us for whom common sense is inescapable. We’ve just never bought into the whole “living in a fantasy” method of existence.  We realize that no matter how much we’d like to believe this or that, we have to deal with facts and we have to evaluate them using common sense.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the subject of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), the issue is fueled by emotionalism and Marxist philosophy, with a few subjective facts thrown in here and there to lend an air of credibility to it for the marginally thinking public.

Much of what AGW “shadow boxers” push to convince people (or just themselves, maybe) that AGW is real is what could best be characterized as “junk science.”  It’s a little bit of science mixed with a lot of assumption and conjecture which is then baked up into headline-creating pronouncements of impending apocalypse.

A great number of the weather stations around the country–and perhaps around the world–are producing unreliable data.  Anthony Watts and his group have checked hundreds of temperature stations around the United States and found that 90% of them don’t meet the government’s own standards for reliability.  While they should be away from built-up areas that can skew readings, many are in or around paved areas that build up heat, and in at least one case, a temperature station is near the hot exhaust from a building’s air conditioning system.

Then there’s the inconvenient truth about Al Gore’s Bible, “An Inconvenient Truth.”  A couple of years ago a British judge (who was probably predisposed to believe a lot of this kind of bunk in the first place) couldn’t help but find nine important errors in Gore’s treatise.  These include: the absence of Gore’s predicted 20-ft rise in sea levels; the absence of evacuations from Pacific atolls Gore predicted would be under water shortly; a problem with Gore’s CO2/temperature correlation assertion; unfounded attribution of melting on Mt. Kilimanjaro to human activity; false attribution of Hurricane Katrina to AGW; false claims that polar bears are in trouble because of AGW; and several others.

Now I know how bad Gore wants to believe this stuff, and I know how badly he wants you to believe his religion, but you don’t just get to make things up.

One thing that science does tell us is that global temperature has been connected to solar activity for hundreds and thousands of years.  Imagine that: the star in the center of our solar system burning at 11,000 degrees actually affecting temperatures on earth!  (This is where some of that common sense comes in, folks).   So many studies these days are showing natural and cyclic causes for planetary warming, and how the sun’s activity causes chain reactions in the earth’s atmosphere.  There really is too much information to include here, but if you’re interested in some compelling truth, try reading all the information here.

Then there is all manner of contradictory evidence about so many of the AGW fanatics’ assertions, such as the release of greenhouse chemicals by trees. Apparently we must cut down more trees to save our planet!

Gore and his worshippers also have problems with the fact that temperatures are now cooling; they’re going in the wrong direction, darn it! Temps have leveled off and have actually been cooling for about the last 10 years.  Even worse, after a serious error with temperature calculations was identified a couple of years ago, we now know that the hottest year on record wasn’t even anytime recently. It was in 1934!  And several of the last 10 years have been pegged at cooler than in 1900 (we didn’t even have any kind of cars then, much less the evil SUV).

Not only is science the enemy of Al Gore’s AGW fantasy, history is an even worse foe.

If you know anything at all about Greenland, you know that it’s almost entirely covered in ice. In fact, it’s one of the areas Gore and his fellow environmental Marxists worry about most.  But 1,000 years ago, Greenland was warm enough for the primitive Vikings to colonize. They even grew vineyards there–something you can’t do in cool climates, much less frigid ones.  If human activity is cooking the planet now (and Greenland still hasn’t melted yet), what’s to blame for its much higher warmth 1,000 years ago before the Vikings had to abandon their colonies there due to the encroaching ice?  No SUVs to blame it on. No coal power plants to blame it on.  Hmmm.  Take a look at the video below for more on this interesting fact regarding climate history.

Interestingly, the Peruvian ice caps show something similar.  In the past, that area has been much warmer than it is today.

A study of Lake Baikal in Siberia shows us that warming began there about 250 years ago…long before modern industrial activity.

Historical accounts going back to the Greek and Roman eras also paint a picture of natural and cyclic climate change. It’s funny how this natural cycle somehow stopped or was overridden by puny human activity in the last century. Very convenient.

A couple of years ago, the Discovery Channel even told us about a global climate shift 300 million years ago.  Is that what killed off the dinosaurs–their evil SUVs?

If human activity was causing our planet to warm up, you’d expect that warming to be confined to Earth, right?  With millions of miles separating Earth from the other planets, there’s no reasonable way our SUVs and power plants could be warming up other planets, right? So why are Mars, Jupiter and other planets in our solar system warming up, too? As I said before, it couldn’t have anything to do with that blazing star in the middle of our solar system, could it?  Well, even if the sun were warming up Mars and Jupiter, we know that this isn’t the case on earth–humans are doing that, right?

As it happens, this “consensus” on the so-called “settled science” of AGW is a lot of hot air, too.  A number of scientific organizations like the Polish Academy of Sciences and others are coming forward, despite the herd-mentality and peer pressure that governs the scientific community, to speak out about this unscientific fraud.

In fact, there are about 30,000 scientists who have signed a petition, going on record with their conclusion that there simply isn’t the scientific data to support the hypothesis of AGW. You can look them up here by state, by specialty and other factors.  Consensus?  Not even close.  Not even in Al Gore’s wildest dreams.

Even as poll numbers show the number of people buying this silly hypothesis are dwindling, documentaries are coming out across the world exposing this idea for the fraud that it is.  A good one that came out in the UK was “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” If you haven’t already, you really should take the time to watch Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.  Each part takes you on a tour that looks at different aspects of the AGW scam, such as: the history of the movement, the Marxist connection, historic and natural climate change, and the assault on the poor the AGW movement is perpetrating.

And of course there is the latest documentary on this subject to come out, “Not Evil Just Wrong,” premiering this month. This one already has Gore’s disciples howling.

It’s understandable that they’d howl.  The truth stands between them and their Marxist redistribution schemes.  You know, schemes like the cap and trade global warming tax fraud congress is poised to perpetrate on the American people.  This unconstitutional monstrosity will hit us from all sides, wiping out jobs, burdening us with government mandates, hurting foreign trade, hindering development of much-needed refineries, blocking new power plants, and coming into our homes and telling us how to live.  All this to maybe lower global temperatures by 9/100ths of one degree…over 40 years???

It’s a scam they’re already running in Europe, and now they want to run it in the United States.  And that’s all it is: a scam.

The hypothesis of AGW isn’t science.  No wonder a Japanese scientist compared it to ancient astrology. Gore’s fantasy might fit in fairly well on a Saturday afternoon SyFy Channel C-Grade disaster feature, but it just doesn’t pass the smell-test of credibility, much less hard science.

By the way, this article has been written as a part of my participation in Blog Action Day 2009.

I learned about Blog Action Day from one of our local ultra-Left blogs, Badlands Blue.  I thought, “If there are this many nitwits out there who have their heads buried so far in the sand that they might actually be buying this fraudulent tripe about anthropogenic global warming, I need to do my part in dispelling the deception.”  Ignorance and misinformation perpetrated on this scale simply must not be allowed to go unchallenged from any corner.

I have no doubts that most of them have their minds bent so far by their love of Marxism and the pop-culture diet of “wisdom” they’ve been fed by our education system and other elites that the light won’t dawn for any of them today.

But maybe, just maybe, there might be one or two out there with a mind that’s open just a crack, and a kernel of this truth might get in and eventually grow into a realization that they can’t escape.

If these Marxists and environmental extremists can hope to redistribute our wealth and take away our freedom as Americans via this fraudulent hypothesis, then I can hope for the day when this silly idea is sitting on the ash heap of history, can’t I?

A Lush, Warm Greenland…1000 Years Ago

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