South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Unite Against Cap and Trade

Legislation will increase consumer prices, kill jobs, and put South Dakota at a competitive disadvantage with overseas countries


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Sioux Falls, SD – On Tuesday, four gubernatorial candidates urged Senators Tim Johnson and John Thune to oppose Cap and Trade legislation in the US Senate.  Dennis Daugaard, Dave Knudson, Ken Knuppe, and Scott Munsterman joined with state legislative leaders, Rep. Tim Rave, Rep. Bob Faehn, and Rep. Kristi Noem, U.S. House Candidates Chris Nelson and Blake Curd, and nearly four hundred South Dakotans who signed an online letter opposing the negative impact cap and trade will have on South Dakota’s economy.  Cap and Trade legislation purports to limit carbon emissions, meanwhile businesses and consumers will pay higher prices for gas and energy utilities as a result of this legislation.

Candidate Dennis Daugaard said, “Cap and Trade would hike energy taxes on families and businesses who are already struggling. We should be focused on keeping taxes low and creating jobs.”  Fellow candidate Scott Munsterman argues “economic development is important to communities across our state.  Cap and Trade would hinder growth across our state at a time when we need to grow the economy.”

Recently nearly four hundred South Dakotans signed an online letter to Senator Johnson asking him to look out for South Dakota’s interests and oppose Cap and Trade legislation.  The online letter and full list of signatures can be found A study conducted by the Heritage Foundation shows South Dakota would lose an average of $2,718 jobs per year between 2012 and 2035 and reduce the state gross domestic product by $967 person.

Gubernatorial candidate Dave Knudson adds, “today, South Dakota is struggling to survive the toughest economy it has seen since the Great Depression.  Cap and Trade legislation would place an unbearable tax burden on South Dakota businesses and result in more job losses, that is simply unacceptable.”  West River candidate Ken Knuppe contends “this legislation would burden U.S. farmers and ranchers, consumers will be forced to pay more for the same goods and services they are getting now.”  U.S. House candidate Chris Nelson also stated, “agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing will be harmed by this legislation which will unnecessarily drive up energy costs.  This energy tax will make it harder for all South Dakota families to make ends meet.”

Cap and Trade legislation H.R. 2454 has passed the U.S. House and is currently pending Senate Committee approval.

2 Responses to “South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Unite Against Cap and Trade”

  1. Wow. It's great to see liberals and conservatives coming together on this one.

  2. Wow. It's great to see liberals and conservatives coming together on this one.