Rowdy Town Hall Shows Americans Still Fed Up with Govt Incompetence

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY)

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY)

Apparently even though the August recess is over, the American people are no less fed up with socialist takeovers of health care and trampling of our Constitution than they were back then.

According to Newsday, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) had a bumpy town hall meeting recently.  Over 450 people showed up for a 90 minute long session to let their elected representative know they were tired of the gargantuan overspending from our government and the thin pretexts being used to try and justify the current move for government to take over the health care industry.

One woman called for much-needed tort reform, but Israel expected this woman to hop on the gravy train, too, if given a chance.

“You’re saying tort reform now, but if something happens to you, you’ll be the first one to want to take the case to a judge and jury,” Israel said. “I don’t believe a member of the United States Congress should decide when you can go to court.”

Sure. Isn’t it nice how liberals get religion for “limited government” when it comes to ending lunacy like frivolous lawsuits (that judges should throw out of court, if they had an ounce of real judgment) and outrageous punitive damages (again, that judges would deny were they not class envy activists).

But these statists have no problem whatsoever in empowering “a member of the United States Congress” to decide who you’ll give your money to, what you’ll buy and how your hard-earned money will be spent.

His defense against the withering opposition of his constituents was

“I’m not going to draw any lines in the sand,” he said. “I’m not going to vote against 60 percent of what I want because I can’t get 40 percent of what I want. There is no perfection.”

I think your constituents are upset with more than 40% of this statist monstrosity, Rep. Israel.  I think they’re upset with 80% or more of it and think you’re headed in the opposite direction of the free market by which our country was intended to operate.

Tort reform is one of many important steps back in the direction of sanity and personal responsibility that are needed in our health care industry.

Socialists like Israel will never learn.  That’s why they need to hear the American people’s unwillingness to see our Constitution trampled now, and replaced by someone who will respect and abide by the Constitution at the next election opportunity.

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