Full Video of Lord Monckton’s Speech on Global Warming Hysteria

From Lord Monckton's presentation

From Lord Monckton's presentation

Every American who is concerned about our country needs to see this speech by Lord Christopher Monckton about the UN Climate Change Treaty at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. In fact, every American–whether they give a rip about our country or not–needs to see it, and then maybe they would wake up, rub the sleep from their eyes and finally get concerned about this last best hope for the world known as America.

I posted an excerpt from this speech on Saturday here, but the whole speech is excellent. It is informative–full of information you need to know as a conscientious American–and Lord Monckton is quite witty, too.

Lord Monckton’s speech exposes the emperor’s new clothes of anthropogenic global warming, illustrating that this hysteria is nothing more than hot air with no more than a dash of hard science thrown in to give it an air of reliability to the casual passer-by.

This elitist fraud is also a threat not only to the prosperity and freedom of the Western nations, but is sure to lock the poor in many developing nations into lives of squalor and disease.

President Obama is expected to lead the United States into signing onto the UN Climate Change Treaty in December 2009 that would make the United States subservient to UN climate change governmental authority.

The Minnesota Free Market Institute has gathered a number of links related to this presentation, including the slideshow that accompanied Monckton’s speech, along with links to information on this unnecessary and counterproductive treaty here and here.

HT to Mike Snow.

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