Education Official Jennings and His Pedophile Hero Harry Hay

NAMBLA_HayScott Baker from the B-Cast has an interesting expose on an activist named Harry Hay.

You may recall that Harry Hay is the NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) advocate who is Kevin Jenning’s hero.

You may recall that Kevin Jennings is President Obama’s appointee to the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools in the Education Department. In other words, he is a highly placed individual in the United States department which is in charge of your public school student for about 8 hours day and which teaches your children a great deal of everything they know.

In addition to Jennings’ extremely poor judgment regarding underage homosexual contact and drug use, the fact that a pedophilia advocate is his hero is particularly disturbing (remember, Jennings is charged with the safety and education of America’s school children).

Scott Baker points to a textbook that Jennings edited for high school students to indoctrinate them in the legitimization of homosexual behavior teach them about homosexuality.  It’s called “Becoming Visible” and has 17 chapters. Of those 17 chapters, only two focus on individual people. One of them is on NAMBLA advocate Harry Hay. Jennings wrote the intro to this section and some questions used for discussion, but he does not mention that Hay is an advocate of pedophilia.

This chapter draws heavily for information from a book called “The Trouble With Harry Hay”  by Stuart Timmens.  Timmens book does tell about Hay’s NAMBLA advocacy. It does not condemn Hay’s NAMBLA advocacy and calls Hay’s critics “self righteous.”

One of the things it mentions is a 1986 Los Angeles Gay Pride march Hay marched;  NAMBLA was banned from participating in this (most homosexual activists knew even then that they needed to keep NAMBLA out of sight so they could put their best face forward in their effort to push acceptance of homosexuality on America).

In this march, Hay wore sandwich board that said on one side “Valerie Terigno marches with me” and on the back “NAMBLA walks with me.” (Valerie Terrigno was a local politician involved in a scandal who was also banned from the march)

A quote from the Timmens book:

“Harry was appalled by the hypocrisy of a self-appointed gay establishment that would declare a section of the gay community unrespectable. He could not contain his outrage.”

Another quote from the Timmens book:

He [Harry Hay] told the story of Matt, his 25-year-old first love, when he was only 14, and pointed out that ‘Having molested an adult when I was a child until I found out what I needed to know,’ he had a different perspective on the issue.”

That’s a great hero for a prominent leader in the U.S. Department of Education (and by extension, all of America’s school children), isn’t it?

Are you happy with how President Barack Obama has put together your government for you and your children?

8 Responses to “Education Official Jennings and His Pedophile Hero Harry Hay”

  1. it's a free world. democracy, you know. america voted for obama, maybe that means unreasoned hatred of paedophiles has had its day. ever think of that?

  2. This new administration reminds me of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers;” the more we see of these vile appointees, the more I really believe aliens have taken over.

    Seriously, though, this Jennings guy is disgusting, dangerous to school kids, and he must be removed from this position. NAMBLA is sickening, and Harry Hay was a terrible creature. Anyone who would defend the sexual abuse of children is dark to the depths of his soul.

    Anyone who equates pedophilia with “freedom” and “democracy” is a wasted degenerate. Anyone who says those of us who rightly oppose this abominable practice are exhibiting “unreasoned hatred” has no reason in him.

    And, now Obamination comes out to some homosexual gathering to “celebrate” with them and tells them he's backing Jennings and the EEOC head, Chai Feldblum, another homosexual agitator (…). Feldblum is another JUST GREAT appointee; just what we need to enforce ENDA – a homosexual radical.

    There's not a day that's gone by since January 20th that I haven't shaken my head at the extra-constitutional outrages of this administration. And, no, what these people in Washington are doing was NOT what America voted for. Maybe ACORN with their countless cheating votes was going for this, but not the poor, dumb schmucks that were duped by Obamination's “image” and fairy tale promises. None of these non-thinking Obamatons has a least bit of a clue that our freedom and our very survival are hanging by a thread, and this administration has the scissors poised to cut.

    Gina Miller

  3. The only problem with “unreasoned hatred of pedophiles” is that such “hatred” often hypocritically comes from people who readily accept other vile sin as “normal.” What's going to happen, if things don't turn around, is that some forms of pedophilia (“consensual,” I guess) will gain societal acceptance. Sound farfetched? Don't you know there are already pedophile groups pushing for this? I'd guess that the pedophile-rights movement is today where “gay” rights were around 1967.

  4. First of all, I don't “hate” people, although I do feel better when certains ones are not around. No one is perfect and sinless, but I still find deliberately evil behaviors despicable, and I will readily say someone is a degenerate vegetable. My remark about “unreasoned hatred” was directed at the comment above mine from “sean000,” although I did not directly reply to him because it would have been a waste of time.

    All sins can ultimately lead to death, but there are certain sins that are especially vicious. Sins against children are from the lowest depths of hell, period. And, I'm not sure what you mean about any of us “readily accepting other vile sins as 'normal.'” The bottom line of this article and my post is that Kevin Jennings has no business being in a position of authority over America's school kids. It's a hellish assault on the family and most of our sensibilities.

    And, yes, America is well on its way to being the New Sodom and Gomorrah. If the militant homosexuals get all they want, including legal acceptance of pedophiles, we'll probably end up like Sodom and Gomorrah did, as well.

    Gina Miller

  5. All I meant is that some people (understandably) slam pedophiles while also accepting homosexuality (“other vile sin”) as normal, and that such a position is inconsistent & hypocritical.

    And you're absolutely right about not hating people; I just used the “hate” terminology (in quotes) because it had appeared in the previous comments. Sorry if that was confusing.

  6. I see what you're saying. Although, the people who would approve of homosexuality are probably at least left-of-center. Most people find the abuse of children abhorrent in all its forms, and thanks to decades of government-run “education,” a larger number of people think homosexuality is “normal,” and not the abominable behavior it actually is.

    Gina Miller

  7. I see what you're saying. Although, the people who would approve of homosexuality are probably at least left-of-center. Most people find the abuse of children abhorrent in all its forms, and thanks to decades of government-run “education,” a larger number of people think homosexuality is “normal,” and not the abominable behavior it actually is.

    Gina Miller