Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 24, 2009

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 24, 2009

j0442524These are the best of the best from Dakota Voice last week. These are the articles our readers found most interesting among all that we offer.

If you missed one, or just want to read one again, now is your chance!

Roadblock in the War on Terrorism: Transgender Politics – Need a new reason not to fight terrorism? Need a new reason to turn a blind eye to the bloodshed of innocent civilians? Look no more! PC Innovations Inc. brings you the “Transgender Excuse.”

Full Video of Lord Monckton’s Speech on Global Warming Hysteria
– Lord Monckton: “If the environmental left were really serious about saving the planet from a huge CO2 footprint (which I will show doesnt matter at all) then the first thing they would do is pursue policies that would not, as the extinction of five sixths of your economy would do, make you poor. They would be trying to make everybody rich.”

Another Openly Marxist Obama Official
– The latest Marxist unearthed in the Obama Administration: Ron Bloom, the Manufacturing Czar. Like Anita Dunn, apparently Ron Bloom has contempt for America’s free market system and lots of love for Marxism and communist butchers.

Lord Monckton Discusses UN Climate Change Treaty in Glenn Beck Interview
– Lord Christopher Monckton discusses global warming and the UN Climate Change Treaty on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Monckton explains how this treaty would subjugate the U.S. Constitution, and how it might even be forced on us with out the constitutionally-required ratification process.

Baucus Health Care ‘Reform’ Bill Now Posted Online
– The gargantuan Senate Finance Committe’s “Baucus Bill”, or S. 1796, has been posted online, coming in at a whopping 1,502 pages. What would the founders say about such a voluminous and complicated attempt at law? We don’t have to guess.

Kevin Jennings Sponsored Anti-Christian, Obscene ‘Art’ Exhibit
– In addition to all the other morally repugnant things we already know about “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings, he helped fund a grossly obscene homosexual “art” exhibit at the Harvard Art Exhibit in Cambridge, Massachussetts. School’s in session: do you know what your children are learning?

In the Open Against South Dakota’s Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban
– What began a few weeks ago as an alleged effort to “strengthen” South Dakota’s ban on human cloning has now started to come out into the open about its real purpose: to undermine South Dakota’s ban on embryonic stem cell research.

Fox News and the ‘Mainstream’ Media: A Study in Contrasts
– tudy in contrasts between fair and balanced media and in-the-tank liberal media propaganda. The Obama Administration is going way over the top in its war against Fox News.

House Majority Leader Pushes Unconstitutional Government
– We have a serious problem in America when the U.S. House Majority Leader–a leadership position of no small importance–either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about one of the most fundamental tenets of his own government. Yet Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) lacks this basic understanding of our government and constitution when he claims there is “broad authority” for congress to force the American people into a government health care system.

Nobel Laureate: Bible is a ‘Handbook of Bad Morals’
– Jose Saramago, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature, said the Bible is a handbook of bad morals and the world would be a better place without the Christian holy book.

Thank you, Faithful Reader, for making these the best of the best!

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