Archive for October 31st, 2009

Pro-Life Group Gains Access to School Facilities

The lawsuit filed for access to Dakota Middle School Facilities by Citizens for Life has finally been settled. The school sought to deny equal access to the pro-life group on the basis of the group’s “politics,” but the school has since agreed to revise its policy to be more fair.

Population Control and the Decline of the West

Western civilization stands at the edge of a deep abyss from which we might never escape. Organizations that promote population control nudge us even closer. Whether they act knowlingly of the catastrophic predicament we face is really not important. Their goals will insure the continued decline of the west and even their own eventual demise.

Population Control in an Aging Society

Most would agree that conserving resources and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment make sense, but something has gone terribly awry within the Green Movement. Environmental extremists championing “population control” as a means of protecting Mother Earth show that they have little regard for the human species.

New hate crimes law is a mistake

We already have a source, which instructs against murder and to love your neighbor as yourself. But this has been banned from our schools and our public spaces. So once again, in what is becoming our Godless nation, we mistake the disease for the cure.