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South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Unite Against Cap and Trade

Legislation will increase consumer prices, kill jobs, and put South Dakota at a competitive disadvantage with overseas countries FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 27, 2009 CONTACT: Craig Dewey at 605-261-3842 or [email protected] or Joel Arends at 605-254-2624 or [email protected] Sioux Falls, SD – On Tuesday, four gubernatorial candidates urged Senators Tim Johnson and John Thune to oppose Cap […]

Sign-o-the-Times: The Obama-Nation

The Obama-Nation is a sign of the times. And a sign of the times describes the Obama-Nation.

Opaque Transparency or Smoke and Mirrors

The pledge of the most transparent administration in history has quickly devolved into something more like the smoke and mirrors that passes for representative government in a one party state like Chicago.

Fighting for a Good Cause with a Good Sense of Humor

Fighting for a good cause with a good sense of humor lifts the spirits of allies and often lowers the spirits of the enemies of the good cause.