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Reduced Posting For Two Weeks

Taking a much-needed break, but the rest of the Dakota Voice team will keep the heat on and the right feet to the fire.

Interview with David Barton on America’s Christian Heritage

Thursday night, author and speaker David Barton came to Rapid City to give a presentation at the South Dakota Family Policy Council’s “Fire Up” event. In an exclusive interview before the event, I asked Barton a few questions about the Christian heritage of our nation, how it has come to be covered up and forgotten, and where we are today.

End of Life Care Should Not End Life

If our leaders in Washington are unable or unwilling to come up with a uniquely American solution to the health care issue, and if the looming healthcare crisis continues to be exploited by leaders on the Left simply as a means to a greater ideological end, there is good reason to fear that the cold comfort of England’s “care pathway” approach to end-of-life care may be coming soon to a hospital near you.

Parker: The health-care fatal conceit

Do you get the feeling that what Americans once fought for we’re now giving back? This country is about freedom. There’s no substitute for the fruits of personal responsibility. Giving it up for the conceit of socialism is indeed a fatal mistake.