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America: A Christian Heritage…to be Reclaimed

Author and speaker David Barton of WallBuilders spoke tonight at the South Dakota Family Policy Councils’ second annual Fire Up event in Rapid City. Barton not only gave proof of America’s rich Christian heritage, but provided hope that it may yet be reclaimed.

Kevin Jennings Sponsored Anti-Christian, Obscene ‘Art’ Exhibit

In addition to all the other morally repugnant things we already know about “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings, he helped fund a grossly obscene homosexual “art” exhibit at the Harvard Art Exhibit in Cambridge, Massachussetts. School’s in session: do you know what your children are learning?

Poll: Belief in Man-Made Global Warming Still Dropping

According to the Pew poll, the number of people who believe there is solid evidence of global warming (of any kind, natural or man-made) is down from 71% a year and a half ago to 57% this month.

Can You Really Get the ‘News’ from Watching TV?

Truth is often lost when we fail to distinguish between opinion and fact, and that is the danger we now face as a society. Anyone who relies exclusively on television/cable news hosts and political commentators for actual knowledge of the world is making a serious mistake. Unfortunately, since Americans have by and large become non-readers, television has become their prime source of so-called “news.”

The American Self Immolation

Cap and Trade: never in the history of humanity has a more idiotic plan been put forward and sold with bigger lies. Even the Soviets never created such idiocy. As we see what America is poised to do to itself, we remember that Rome did not fall to the barbarians, all they did was kick in the rotting gates.

Will Your Senators and Congressmen Act Responsibly?

When Congress recessed for August, members were surprised that so many citizens went online to read the proposed health care law. Many Senators and House members did not bother to read the proposed law. Instead, they just gave talking points which were false and written by the bill’s supporters. Will they do any better before the issue comes to a vote?