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Lord Monckton Discusses UN Climate Change Treaty in Glenn Beck Interview

Lord Christopher Monckton discusses global warming and the UN Climate Change Treaty on Glenn Beck’s radio show. Monckton explains how this treaty would subjugate the U.S. Constitution, and how it might even be forced on us with out the constitutionally-required ratification process.

House Majority Leader Pushes Unconstitutional Government

We have a serious problem in America when the U.S. House Majority Leader–a leadership position of no small importance–either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about one of the most fundamental tenets of his own government. Yet Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) lacks this basic understanding of our government and constitution when he claims there is “broad authority” for congress to force the American people into a government health care system.

A Matter of Conscience and Duty

The call to protect innocent human life is a matter of conscience and duty. It is a call that has its roots in the deepest ground of our American heritage, and those who hear that call will never abandon it.

Nobel Laureate: Bible is a ‘Handbook of Bad Morals’

Jose Saramago, who won the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature, said the Bible is a “handbook of bad morals” and the world would be a better place without the Christian holy book.

Medicare Missed Bill of Merrillville Woman

If Obama and his allies in Congress impose a national health care system on everyone, then everyone can expect, among other things, electronic and data problems with their medical bills. I have helped senior citizens to correct bills of a few dollars and of over $200,000.