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Baucus Health Care ‘Reform’ Bill Now Posted Online

The gargantuan Senate Finance Committe’s “Baucus Bill”, or S. 1796, has been posted online, coming in at a whopping 1,502 pages. What would the founders say about such a voluminous and complicated attempt at law? We don’t have to guess.

UK: Govt Health Care Staff Get Private Health Care

One of the key lessons about Marxism from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” was that the rulers will always be “more equal” in such systems. We see that played out in every Marxist country in the world throughout history. And a new report from Great Britain shows it’s still happening: government health care system staff get private health care at taxpayer expense so they can jump to the head of the line around the UK’s infamous waiting lists.

Govt Health Care: Attempting to Spread the Misery

While it’s pretty mind-boggling that our president and congress would want to jeopardize the health insurance of the 84% of Americans who have no crisis, it’s even worse than that.

In the Open Against South Dakota’s Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban

What began a few weeks ago as an alleged effort to “strengthen” South Dakota’s ban on human cloning has now started to come out into the open about its real purpose: to undermine South Dakota’s ban on embryonic stem cell research.

Britain Finally Allows Geert Wilders Entry

Dutch MP Geert Wilders finally gained entry to Great Britain after being turned away as a “security” risk in February. Wilders is one of the few voices in Europe unapologetically sounding the warning about the Islamization of Western nations and the threat to freedom this poses.

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory Again

Today, with our economy on the ropes mired in wars we refuse to win, with our industry exported or government-owned, people ask “Who won what?” The Soviets also said our own grandchildren would raise the red flag from the White House. They may not have raised a flag but the place is now filled with Marxist advisors and a media-made messiah president who listens to them.

Full Video of Lord Monckton’s Speech on Global Warming Hysteria

Lord Monckton: “If the environmental left were really serious about saving the planet from a huge CO2 footprint (which I will show doesn’t matter at all) then the first thing they would do is pursue policies that would not, as the extinction of five sixths of your economy would do, make you poor. They would be trying to make everybody rich.”

‘Can You Hear Us Now’ Ask Americans of the ‘Mainstream’ Media

These are 18 of the top videos of protests around the country over the “mainstream” media’s biased coverage for big government and against Americans who want a return to constitutional government.

Hope for the Future

So is it easy to despair? Sure. Is there reason to hope that anything will change? Can the tide of immorality, paganism, and general debauchery that threatens to swamp us even be arrested, much less reversed? Can the moral character of the nation—once rooted in a vigorous Christian faith—be recovered?

A Million Stand Against Abortion in Spain

An estimated one million people participated in a rally in Madrid Saturday to protest a proposed new law that would expand permission for abortion. While abortion is currently only allowed in the cases of rape, fetal abnormality, or when the mother’s physical or mental health is at risk, socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has proposed a law allowing abortion for any reason during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.