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UN Climate Treaty in December 2009 a Threat to US Sovereignty

Just a few days ago, Lord Christopher Monckton gave a speech about the UN Climate Change Treaty at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. The UN Climate Change Treaty is a treaty that most world governments–including the US–are expected to sign in Copenhagen next month…and it is a great threat to our sovereignty.

Official Obama Criticizer Talks about the NFL

Yesterday, Bo Snerdley, Rush Limbaugh’s call screener, the Official Obama Criticizer for the EIB Network, wanted to interject his analysis on the recent controversy over Rush Limbaugh’s bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams football team, and the storm of lies hurled against Limbaugh which falsely claimed Limbaugh was a racist.

Welcome to the School of Social Engineering

True to his promise to bring about “change,” Mr. Obama is aggressively pursuing a comprehensive policy of social engineering designed to do just that. And he is using America’s schools as an instrument to produce that change

Sharpton is today’s Faubus to Limbaugh

Al Sharpton blocked Limbaugh like Governor Orval Faubus tried to block black children from entering Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957. We see today that if Al Sharpton does not like a man, and he pulls circumstantial evidence to claim he is a racist, he can get that man’s rights to freely operate and do business in our society abrogated.