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Jessie Jackson: A State of Emergency in Obama Homeland

Je$$ie Jack$on wants to declare a state of emergency for the Chicago’s school children because of the violence there. If Barack Obama left his hometown of Chicago in such a mess, what does that bode for the United States, all of which is now under his sway?

UK Govt Health Care System Euthanizes Man Found Free of Cancer

Have you ever wondered why so many people are gravely concerned in the current health care “reform” debate that the old and the infirm will be killed off by a state-controlled health care system? Maybe because it’s already happening in socialist health care systems around the world?

An Interview with Susan from Glendale, the Lady That Roared

Tami Devine of the Crown City News via Patriot News Network interviewed “Susan from Glendale,” the passionate patriot lady who called the Rush Limbaugh show a couple of weeks ago.

People Protest Obama Worship Song at NJ School

People are protesting a school in New Jersey where students were led to worship Barack Obama in a song and video. Parents just aren’t willing to see their children indoctrinated in appreciation of liberalism like the used to.

White House Fears Fox News

The Obama Administration has the vast majority of the media deeply on their side (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, Associated Press, Newsweek, Time, US News and World Reports, et al), yet they get all weak-kneed that Fox News insists on being objective and balanced, even creating a taxpayer-funded website to try and fight the Fox.

Part 2 of Rush Limbaugh Interview on the Today Show

This is the second part of a Today Show interview with Rush Limbaugh by Jamie Gangel. Discussed: whether the Republicans can and will win in 2012, word association games, and Rush’s former addiction to prescription pain medicine.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Knuppe on the Issues

Rancher and former head of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association Ken Knuppe has responded to a Dakota Voice questionnaire sent to all GOP gubernatorial candidates on the issues facing our state.

Why Aren’t Schools Teaching Our Children Their Rights and Freedoms?

Clearly, the public schools are fostering civic ignorance. For example, a recent study of 1000 Oklahoma high school students found that only 3% would be able to pass the U.S. Immigration Services’ citizenship exam, while incredibly 93% of those from foreign countries who took the same test passed.