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Rush Limbaugh on the Today Show

Jamie Gangel interviewed radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh on the Today show and the first part of the interview aired this morning. The talk king had some fun with the interviewer, too, even amidst questions about racism.

Obama Tries to Thwart Border Control in Arizona

Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona has been been a leader in the effort to control our national borders and clean up the illegal alien problem. But the Obama Administration is moving to declaw him as best they can, doing their best to ensure an unabated flow of illegal aliens and security for those already here.

Tea Party Express Coming to Rapid City

The Tea Party Express is coming to Rapid City, South Dakota on November 2. There won’t be another one within 300 miles of Rapid City, so if you’re within driving distance, get ready to make your way to western South Dakota for a patriotic extravaganza!