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Republicans Won’t Get Tea Party Support on Name Alone

The Republican Party is at a Rubicon: it must get its act together and start living its values, or it will watch history pass it by. The same old RINOs they’ve offered the last couple of elections won’t cut it with the Tea Party.

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 10, 2009

The best of the best at Dakota Voice last week, including: More Bad News on Obama Ed Official Kevin Jennings; GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Daugaard on the Issues; Rotten Leaders: When Your Heroes are Villains; A strange case and a doctor’s “right of conscience”;’Government cannot consider issuing a ‘divorce’ for a ‘marriage’ it doesnt recognize’; GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Munsterman on the Issues; More Marxist Ties to Obama; and more

History: Much Warmer in the Past Without Human Activity to Blame

Science and history provides compelling information on the correlation between solar activity and climate change on earth. We also see from the historical records that the world was far warmer several hundred years ago than it is today–with no human industrial activity to blame it on then.

Open Letter to the President, Senators, Congressmen

There are problems with Medicare, the VA Clinics, and Medicaid. There are problems with other health care segments, too. But, no one can fix a problem by not listening to reasonable, responsible people who have experience in the field.

Heroism Redefined

Author Dick Keyes says, “Our fascination with heroes comes from a hunger for excellence. Without heroes the whole source of imaginative motivation is disengaged from life. Without heroes, what will inspire us to go beyond mediocrity and cynicism? What will keep us from becoming bored and boring?” And what do bored people do? They seek after the idols of amusement.”