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CBO Figures on Senate Health Care Plan are Skewed

By 2019, CBO estimates, 29 million more people will be covered with taxpayer-subsidized care. It estimates the final cost will be $829 billion over 10 years. Unfortunately for Congress, which depends upon these estimates to make informed judgments about legislation, this is misleading.

House Passes Hate Crimes Bill Hidden in Defense Bill

The House voted Thursday in favor of expanding hate crimes protection to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. The bill was attached to the 2010 Defense Authorization bill. In a 281 to 146 vote, the House approved a measure that conservatives say was sneaked into a must-pass defense policy bill.

Thousands of Christians March in Jerusalem in Support of Israel

More than 5,000 Christian pilgrims from over 80 nations marched through the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday to show their support for the nation of Israel. Joining tens of thousands of Israelis, the Christian pilgrims made their way from a park near parliament to the gates of the Old City chanting their support and praying for peace in the Holy Land.

Good Advice for President Obama

On this the momentous occasion of President Barack Obama’s award of the Nobel Peace Prize, the advice given to him by Dragnet’s Joe Friday and Bill Gannon is more timely and necessary than ever.

Americans: Racists Who Don’t Understand Glorious Marxism.

Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s “regulatory czar,” is not only an animal rights extremist, but an apologist for Marxism and Soviet communism who thinks Americans are too racist to understand how wonderful Marxism is.

Senators Urged Not to Kill Creativity in Health Care Reform Efforts

The managers of Hoosier Healthcare have sent a letter to every U.S. Senator urging that no bill be passed which would kill entrepreneurs’ creativity to solve health care problems. Hoosier Healthcare has three clinics in or near Valparaiso, Indiana.

Christians File Suit for Discriminatory Arrest in New Hampshire

A Christian legal firm filed suit Wednesday on behalf of two Christian men who were arrested for witnessing on the streets. Mark Frost and Jayson Gardner were charged last year under a N.H. law against “unreasonable or loud” noise. Attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund argue the men’s free speech rights were denied.