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More Marxist Ties to Obama

President Obama and his apologists want us to believe he isn’t a Marxist. Yet he has been surrounded by them since his youth. Another one, Robert McChesney is involved in plans to “regulate” conservative broadcasting and the internet.

Get Fired Up About our Christian Heritage

The South Dakota Family Policy Council will be holding their annual Fire-Up event in Rapid City on Thursday October 22 at the Open Bible Christian Center, 2225 E. St. Patrick St. Rapid City, South Dakota. The keynote speaker will be David Barton, Founder and President of Wall Builders.

Standing Up For Big Government

Just stop a moment and relish the thought of what it would be like to go to the hospital DMV-style, Big Government style! Oh, the bliss of such a thought! O for a thousand tongues to sing!

Christ-ianity Under Attack at Christ-mas

In the updated God-hating, anti-Christian secularist Amerika, can you see yourself in a couple of months gathering around to sing, “Oh unspecified holiday tree, oh unspecified holiday tree…” or do you plan to live dangerously and sing, “Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree…”?

Gov. Schwarzenegger Urged to Veto Bill Honoring Homosexual Activist

Social conservatives are calling upon Christians in California to rally against a bill that – if passed – would pressure schools into honoring the late Harvey Milk. “Milk engaged in adult-child homosexual sex and, according to his biographer, ‘had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems,’” noted Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families.

Group Seeks to Protect Christians from UN Religious Resolution

A ministry working with persecuted Christians launched a campaign Tuesday against a U.N. resolution that many human rights groups say can be manipulated to oppress religious minorities living in Muslim-majority countries. The Defamation of Religions Resolution, backed by the 57 Muslim-majority countries that make up the Organization of Islamic Conference, is expected to be proposed next month or later this year. It seeks to criminalize words or actions that are deemed defamatory towards a particular religion