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Michelle Bachmann: The New Voice of the GOP?

Sarah Palin remains the brightest star on the GOP roster, but another figure has emerged to galvanize America’s conservative base. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, 53, was elected in 2006 in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, which includes the suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul, not the friendliest territory for a pro-life, pro-drilling, anti-tax increase critic of President Obama’s “economic Marxism.”

More on President Obama’s Medicare Ignorance

In his September 9 speech to Congress, Obama criticized private insurance companies for not covering certain things. Obama is ignorant of the fact that the federal Medicare system won’t cover certain things, either.

Govt Medical Waste Already Too High, Obama Wants More

When the government pays 4x too much for a wheelchair, 12x too much for an oxygen concentrator, and overpays on many other medical supplies, expanding government health care even more as President Obama wants will be a huge ripoff for the American taxpayer.

Rebuilding in a Hostile Environment

Part of the discussion in the TEA Party movement has been centered on how to deal with people whose playbook is Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Some think the answer is to throw Alinsky’s and ACORN’s tactics right back at them. There is only one real way to deal with a bully, either on the playground or in the government.

‘Government cannot consider issuing a ‘divorce’ for a ‘marriage’ it doesn’t recognize’

A homosexual couple ‘married’ in Massachusetts now want a divorce in Texas, where such unions are not recognized. Says Austin R. Nimocks with the Alliance Defense Fund: “The government cannot consider issuing a ‘divorce’ for a ‘marriage’ it doesn’t recognize.”

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Either you’re working to make life better, you’re reaping where you haven’t sown or you’re planting weeds in the neighbor’s garden. Believing in volunteerism and trying to help make my local community a place where neighbors know each other, a place where people gather to share common experiences and where good clean fun is part of life, recently I devoted many hours to what I will call my local MegaFest.