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Rotten Leaders: When Your Heroes are Villains

If your heroes are villains, or if your heroes have heroes who are villains, you have a problem, right? What do we make of a highly-placed education official whose hero advocates homosexual pedophilia?

Pulpit Freedom Sunday Participation Doubles from 2008

Eighty-three churches from 30 states and the District of Columbia participated in the Alliance Defense Fund’s second annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday on Sept. 27. Pastors at those churches preached biblically-based sermons about the positions of electoral candidates and current government officials.

The Nurre Case: The Demise of Western Art and Culture?

Religion and religious expression have been objects of censorship in the public schools for quite some time. However, the intolerance of anything related to religion has taken a turn for the absurd in recent years. It makes no difference that the material in question does not proselytize, or that it was presented to people who by and large do not know that it was religious, or even that it is not meant to be religious. What matters is what school officials consider to be religious.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Munsterman on the Issues

Dakota Voice has sent a list of issues-oriented questions to all declared GOP candidates for South Dakota governor. The first one to respond to these questions was Scott Munsterman, chiropractor and former mayor of Brookings, South Dakota.

Film to Examine Transsexual’s Church Ordination Quest

The efforts of a transsexual man seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been documented on film, which is set to release next year. “Thy Will Be Done: A Transsexual Woman’s Journey Through Family and Faith” follows Sara Herwig, who transitioned from male to female and is seeking to “fulfill God’s call.”

Churches Urged to Deal with Domestic Violence

This month cities, schools and faith-based groups across the country are drawing attention to domestic violence, which some are calling a pandemic. Violence in the home affects millions of women and children, including those in the church, yet some say the pulpits remain silent on the issue.