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New Poll Reveals the Answers You’ve Been Looking For

Gallup has conducted a poll which found (amazingly) that 42% of Americans don’t know Barack Obama has a strong pro-abortion position and record. Although the report doesn’t specify, it seems to imply that these people were not medically comatose for the last 18 months, either.

Town Council Votes to Permit Meeting Invocations

The Lodi, California City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to allow prayers to be said in Jesus’ name before council meetings. The 5-0 vote repeals the city’s current policy requiring prayers to be “non-sectarian and non-denominational.” A new policy allowing uncensored invocations will be developed.

Documentary Looks at Modern-Day Slavery

Some call it trafficking, others bondage, but the people behind a new documentary want to call it slavery and talk about the 27 million slaves that exist in the world today.

Environmentalists Like Green…Green Cash from Your Wallet

Environmentalists like to paint a picture that tells us their interest in robbing us of our money and freedom is altruistic, while the motives of anyone opposing them is all greed and avarice. But as the dominance of the “mainstream” media wanes, we are beginning to see the truth–a truth evident in the special interests benefiting from cap and trade legislation and the money it takes out of your wallet.

For Canada’s Sake, We Must Preserve Free Market Health Care in America

American socialists love to say America should be like other socialist countries around the world. But when we push aside the rose-colored glasses socialists want us to wear, we quickly find that these socialist countries provide the best reasons imaginable why we never want to go down that road.

Unbalanced Outrage: Welcoming Taxes While Decrying the Cost of Doing Business

When a power company asks for a rate increase to cover rising production costs, this makes front-page above-the-fold news. When the federal government proposes taxing us nearly twice as much to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist, this merits barely a mention. What’s wrong with this picture?

Missouri ‘Judge’ Lets Admitted Child Molester off with Probation

Jarred Elwood in Missouri pled guilty to molesting a girl for 8 years beginning when she was only 6 years old. Elwood pled guilty to charges of first-degree statutory sodomy, child molestation, and enticement of a child. A judge let him off with…probation.