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Pro-Life Group Gains Access to School Facilities

The lawsuit filed for access to Dakota Middle School Facilities by Citizens for Life has finally been settled. The school sought to deny equal access to the pro-life group on the basis of the group’s “politics,” but the school has since agreed to revise its policy to be more fair.

Population Control and the Decline of the West

Western civilization stands at the edge of a deep abyss from which we might never escape. Organizations that promote population control nudge us even closer. Whether they act knowlingly of the catastrophic predicament we face is really not important. Their goals will insure the continued decline of the west and even their own eventual demise.

Population Control in an Aging Society

Most would agree that conserving resources and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment make sense, but something has gone terribly awry within the Green Movement. Environmental extremists championing “population control” as a means of protecting Mother Earth show that they have little regard for the human species.

New hate crimes law is a mistake

We already have a source, which instructs against murder and to love your neighbor as yourself. But this has been banned from our schools and our public spaces. So once again, in what is becoming our Godless nation, we mistake the disease for the cure.

Dr. Catherine Millard Speaking During SD Christian Heritage Week

Dr. Catherine Millard will be speaking at several locations next week to commemorate South Dakota’s 15th Annual Christian Heritage Week. Dr. Millard conducts Christian Heritage Tours in Washington D.C. Millard has spent several years at the Library of Congress researching the Christian heritage of our nation.

Valerie Jarrett: ‘Lapping for Action’

Who is Valerie Jarrett? It’s a question gaining increasing interest in the conservative blogosphere. And even some members of the mainstream media are starting to take a second look at this woman who has earned the sobriquet “Obama’s eminence gris.”

Why Your Representatives Should Make You Mad as Hell

Imagine a world exempt from parking tickets, where gym membership is free and health care is second-to-none. In order to receive these benefits, you also only have to work two, maybe three days a week—a time period during which you will be shuttled around in a nice car. The other days of the week you can spend at home with your family. Welcome to life in congress.

Speaking of Seniors – Medicare Error Almost Costs Senior $1,100

If President Obama and his allies in Congress impose a national health care system that is modeled on the Medicare system, then everyone in America will start to have the type of medical bill problems that this client experienced.

‘Public Option’ Titanic Strikes Iceberg, Fleeing Senators Take to the Lifeboats

The unsinkable ship of ObamaCare—expected into port as long ago as last July—has hit an iceberg. And it now appears that there are few, if any, airtight compartments left to help it stay afloat as it flounders gracelessly on the cresting waves of public opinion.

Speaking of Seniors – Lab Demanded Over $2,000 from Senior

Today errors in the thousands of dollars affect individual people in the government health care program known as Medicare. If President Obama has his way, such errors will be spread to all Americans.

South Dakota GOP Gubernatorial Candidates Unite Against Cap and Trade

Legislation will increase consumer prices, kill jobs, and put South Dakota at a competitive disadvantage with overseas countries FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 27, 2009 CONTACT: Craig Dewey at 605-261-3842 or [email protected] or Joel Arends at 605-254-2624 or [email protected] Sioux Falls, SD – On Tuesday, four gubernatorial candidates urged Senators Tim Johnson and John Thune to oppose Cap […]

Sign-o-the-Times: The Obama-Nation

The Obama-Nation is a sign of the times. And a sign of the times describes the Obama-Nation.

Opaque Transparency or Smoke and Mirrors

The pledge of the most transparent administration in history has quickly devolved into something more like the smoke and mirrors that passes for representative government in a one party state like Chicago.

Fighting for a Good Cause with a Good Sense of Humor

Fighting for a good cause with a good sense of humor lifts the spirits of allies and often lowers the spirits of the enemies of the good cause.

Too Young to Be in Debt

From The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

It’s Time to Go Home: Gary Harvey’s Case in Review

    By Carrie K. Hutchens   The holidays are fast approaching and Gary Harvey isn’t home yet.  Why not?   The wheels of justice turn slowly?  Someone needs to get out the grease because this situation has gone beyond unreasonable, illogical, irresponsible and control-freak mode.  It’s unacceptable!   In review:   “This is a […]

The Nobel Peace Prize: What Does it Take?

From The Patriot Post (www.PatriotPost.US)

Dakota Voice Week in Review, Ending Oct. 24, 2009

The best of the best from Dakota Voice last week, including: Roadblock in the War on Terrorism: Transgender Politics; Full Video of Lord Monckton’s Speech on Global Warming Hysteria; Another Openly Marxist Obama Official; Lord Monckton Discusses UN Climate Change Treaty in Glenn Beck Interview; Baucus Health Care ‘Reform’ Bill Now Posted Online; Kevin Jennings Sponsored Anti-Christian, Obscene ‘Art’ Exhibit; In the Open Against South Dakota’s Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban; and more!

Reduced Posting For Two Weeks

Taking a much-needed break, but the rest of the Dakota Voice team will keep the heat on and the right feet to the fire.

Interview with David Barton on America’s Christian Heritage

Thursday night, author and speaker David Barton came to Rapid City to give a presentation at the South Dakota Family Policy Council’s “Fire Up” event. In an exclusive interview before the event, I asked Barton a few questions about the Christian heritage of our nation, how it has come to be covered up and forgotten, and where we are today.

End of Life Care Should Not End Life

If our leaders in Washington are unable or unwilling to come up with a uniquely American solution to the health care issue, and if the looming healthcare crisis continues to be exploited by leaders on the Left simply as a means to a greater ideological end, there is good reason to fear that the cold comfort of England’s “care pathway” approach to end-of-life care may be coming soon to a hospital near you.

Parker: The health-care fatal conceit

Do you get the feeling that what Americans once fought for we’re now giving back? This country is about freedom. There’s no substitute for the fruits of personal responsibility. Giving it up for the conceit of socialism is indeed a fatal mistake.

GOP On Notice: Ditch the RINOs or Keep Losing

The latest Rasmussen poll shows a huge majority of Republican voters believe their party has lost touch with the voters and are not representing Republican values. If the GOP establishment continues to push liberal RINOs on their base, they had better get comfortable in their recent trend of losing elections.

Speaker of the House Embraces Unconstitutional Government

You can add Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to the list of leaders in Washington who are far too ignorant (or contemptuous of our Constitution) to be allowed to continue leading our country. She says she doesn’t think the question of whether constitutional authority exists for a government health care system is a serious question.

‘Hate Crime’ Bill Goes to Obama for Signature

After a decade-long struggle, Congress passed a bill Thursday evening that would make it a federal crime to attack someone based on the person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The Senate – in a 68-29 vote, with most Republicans opposed – approved the measure that was attached to the $680 billion defense spending bill.