Senate Cap and Trade Bill Draft Released: Worse Than House Version

j0250734Back at the end of June, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Waxman-Markey cap and trade global warming tax bill.

This bill would cost millions of American jobs, raise our electric bills by 40% or more, hinder much-needed refining capacity, hurt foreign trade, block much-needed power plant development, require home inspections and environmental retrofitting before we can sell our homes, regulate how much water we can use in our own homes,

Courtesy of the Green Hell Blog, we have a look at the draft of the Senate version of the cap and trade global warming tax bill.

Apparently, not to be outdone by the asininity and hostility toward the American people of the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate has upped the ante and called for a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases, even more  egregious than the House bill.

All this to “fix” a problem that doesn’t even exist!

Evidence continues to mount that the nutty theory of anthropogenic global warming is full of hot air.

As I pointed out yesterday (and have been pointing out for years), this nutty theory doesn’t even pass the smell test of common sense, much less science.

If Greenland was warm enough 1,000 years ago (when there were no SUVs or power plants) to be colonized by the Vikings and sustain vineyards, then the current state of the climate (when most of Greenland is covered by ice) cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If temperature data going back hundreds of years (long before there were SUVs driven by evilcapitalists) tracks with solar activity (and it does) including colder and warmer periods, then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If NASA data agrees with other data that solar activity is cyclic and corresponds to global temperature (and it does), then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

When we see solar activity diminish, and we see global temperatures level off correspondingly (while human industrial activity has not diminished), then recent global warming cannot be rationally blamed on human activity.

If historical examination of the Peruvian ice cap shows higher global temperatures in the past (when there were no SUVs and coal-burning power plants), then the current global temperatures cannot rationally be blamed on human activity.

If other planets like Mars and Jupiter (where there are no evil capitalist-driven SUVs and coal-burning power plants) are warming, too (and they are), then current global temperatures on earth cannot be rationally blamed on human activity.

Even the claims of Gore and other earth-worshippers that there is “consensus” and this is “settled science” are a farce, with thousands of scientists refusing to drink the Koolaid and scientific organizations around the world declaring the emperor has no clothes, blowing claims of “consensus” completely out of the water.

It has long been abundantly clear that this cap and trade global warming tax scheme has nothing to do with global warming and nothing to do with science, but is purely a Marxist vehicle for the wealth redistribution craved by elitists and freeloaders.

The American people should be outraged that their own government is not just willing but eager to fleece their pockets and take away their everyday freedom in clear violation of the U.S. Constitution…all to address a “problem” that doesn’t even exist.

Given the indignation demonstrated by millions of Americans around the country in Tea Party events over the past six months, it is clear the American people are wide awake and aware they are being taken for a ride by the socialist usurpers of the government “of the people.”

The chances for Democrats to retain control of congress in 2010 are slim at this point, and if they press forward with this proposed armed robbery of the American people, they can definitely hang it up.  Perhaps some of them are dedicated Koolaid drinkers who actually want to ram this through before they lose their chance next year.

If so, then so be it. We will reverse it when the American people regain control of congress in 2010.

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