President Obama Brazenly Lies to Congress, American People

2009-09-09 21.34.15It’s not like President Barack Obama hasn’t already been lying about health care “reform.”

We’ve been lied to about how socialism works so well in other countries…only we can’t seem to find any. Canada, England, Sweden…socialized medicine always disappoints, where ever it’s tried.

We’ve been lied to about rationing and the so-called “death panels.” They’re already in operation in other countries with socialized medicine, and even in areas of the United States like Oregon and Massachusetts. And the groundwork is already laid in HR 3200. Furthermore, when the Senate caught wind of the firestorm this created, they yanked similar provisions out of the Senate version.

We’ve been lied to about taxpayer-funded abortion in government health care.  Yet there is the Capps Amendment specifically authorizing it,  and Democrat Rep. Zoe Lofgren admitted it. FactCheck also looked into this and found the president and his minions to be lying about it.

We’ve been lied to about the morality of government health care, with President Obama hijacking Christianity to somehow whitewash theft and irresponsibility.  The Bible most assuredly does NOT condone socialism, government theft, or schemes that undermine responsibility.

We’ve been lied to about access to government health care by illegal aliens, who already get  “free” health care on the taxpayer’s dime and would continue to do so under this plan.

We’ve been lied to about the cost of this socialist monstrosity. Obama and Company claim it won’t cost anything, yet the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says it’ll cost $1 trillion+, and other research finds a cost of $4 trillion or more.

And to top it off, President Obama and Company have lied about those who are exposing all this garbage in the plan, calling them liars for having exposed their schemes.

So, after having been lied to repeatedly in  so many ways, it should probably come as no surprise that President Obama would walk onto the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and lie to congress’ face and to the face of the American people.

No, no surprise…but still disappointing, nevertheless.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one disappointed and disgusted to see the President of the United States brazenly lie on the floor of the House to the American people.

In this video below, it sounds like several people in the audience got a belly-full of the snowjob and made their indigestion known.  Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) even got so fed up at being lied to by the President of the United States on the floor of the House, he yelled “You lie!”  when Obama made the claim that illegal aliens wouldn’t get coverage.

It’s sad to see this lack of decorum in the U.S. House.

But it’s sadder still to see the President of the United States so determined to trash the United States Constitution by pushing a program that is unconstitutional, illegal, fails everywhere it’s tried, and that we couldn’t even afford even if none of these other issues were a factor.

It was disrespectful…but it was even more disrespectful for an American president to defend such an un-American proposal and lie about it to congress and the people.

It’s sad to see that rude behavior in the U.S. House…but it’s sadder still to witness the President of the United States trash his opponents for telling the truth about his scheme, and lie to the U.S. Congress and the American people.

I don’t think Obama gets it.  I don’t think he gets it at all.  We know he thinks the American people are “silly” and “ridiculous.”  He apparently thinks we’re back in the days when the Dinosaur Media reigned, and they could be counted on to echo the liberal, socialist message with no opposition in the public square.  Obama must think he’s back in the “glory days” when the American people were mostly asleep and liberals could trash our country with impunity, when the American people were willing to docilely accept being lied to by their leaders.

Those days are over.  And if he doesn’t realize it yet, the American people will make sure he gets the message loud and clear in 2010 when he loses his liberal support in congress.

8 Responses to “President Obama Brazenly Lies to Congress, American People”

  1. Bob, you forgot to mention his attempt to enlist our youth to carry the lies out into the world, when he found that too many of the adults would not readily follow him to the slaughter house.

  2. My husband and I pulled up C-Span on the computer and listened to Adolph Obama’s speech to Congress and the American people this evening. We are both now hoarse from screaming, “LIAR!!” about a hundred times, plus various other choice words and phrases. This guy, Obama, is amazing! I’ve never heard so many lies-per-sentence in my entire life. I can’t wait for this speech to be dissected tomorrow by all the truth-tellers who have voices.

    Gina Miller

  3. I agree with this article, he is a liar, and his health bill is horrible, I pray that it does not pass. I am fearful it will. There is nothing wrong with our health care. Many people come from different countries to get health care in the USA. Why didn't he bring that up. Instead he brought up 2 stories of people dying because they had acne and did not tell the doctor, and kidney stones. That was so far fetched appears to be a lie. At least he admitted that the insurance will be similar to auto insurance if you don’t get it you will be fined. (maybe even jailed, isn't that what happens iif you dont have auto insurance? ) If you don’t own a car, you dont have to get insurance. He is such a liar. I am afraid because of Joe Wilson remark the republicans will not oppose the bill, because Joe is getting so much hate mail for his remark, even though it is true.

  4. You would only be so lucky as to have a Canada style health care structure. Every Canadian is covered for health care and the per person cost is just a little more than half of what Americans pay and you still have 40 million people without any coverage.

    The last time I checked, Canada is still not a Marxist country, we still pay taxes and we are still capitalistic. Americans haven't a clue as to how well universal health care works here but if they did they'd grab it fast. What Obama is advocating is still woefully weaker than what we enjoy in Canada and the only reason it is weaker is because of all the irrational opposition Obama is facing from deeply negative conservatives. Of all the industrial countries in the world, the U.S., shamefully is the only one that does not offer health care to all its citizens.

  5. The Congressman acted disrespectfully. He should have said, “Mr President…YOU LIE !

  6. The Congressman acted disrespectfully. He should have said, “Mr President…YOU LIE !