America Goes Red for Communist China

CG6DEIs it must me or does it seem that our nation has been paying a lot of homage to a hostile communist government lately?

I’m talking about the communist Chinese government, of course.

You probably heard about the incident about a week ago when the flag of communist China was raised in Washington D.C. just below the White House at The Ellipse to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China (and the more than 65 million killed in this glorious revolution of “the people”).

Well, actually you probably didn’t hear about that, since our “mainstream” media is very sympathetic to Marxism and they undoubtedly feared ignorant rubes like you and me would “misunderstand” the flying of this communist flag in the heart of America’s capitol.

But word did slip out a little, and WorldNetDaily and The Land of the Free talked about it.

From The Land of the Free:

When news of this event got out on the web and talk radio, there was an intense backlash. ALIPAC’s repeated calls to the White House information offices, as well as calls from bloggers and talk radio show hosts went unanswered.

Then the Obama administration told a news source that the rumors were unfounded and just another example of how the Internet misleads people. They failed to mention that the Chines flag raising ceremony was indeed a reality.

Here you can see the video of the Chinese communist flag being raised in Washington, DC with much fanfare and expense. It is being raised to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China in 1949. In 1949, communist dictator Mao Zedong placed almost 1 billion people under the slavery of communism and forced American ally Chiang Kai-shek into exile in Taiwan.

China Daily also covered this symbolic coup and raising of a communist flag in our nation’s capital:

An eye-catching flag-raising activity will also be staged in the park, a tradition for minority groups in the US to honor their countries at native festivals. Both the Chinese national flag and the American Flag will be raised during the ceremony. This will mark the first time the Chinese diaspora hoists the Five-Star Red Flag, their national symbol, on such an occasion in Washington DC.

How encouraging it must be for communist thugs and dictators to see the flag of their brutality raised in the heart of the beacon of freedom in the world (or should I say, “former beacon of freedom).

Now I hear the historic Empire State Building in New York will light up red and yellow today in honor of the 60th anniversary of communist China.

From AFP:

New York’s iconic Empire State Building will light up red and yellow Wednesday in honor of the 60th anniversary of communist China.

The Chinese consul, Peng Keyu, and other officials will take part in the lighting ceremony which will bathe the skyscraper in the colors of the People’s Republic until Thursday, Empire State Building representatives said in a statement.

What in the world has happened to America, when we celebrate the anniversary of the communist takeover of a nation? What has happened to the last best hope for freedom in the world when we join communist thugs in celebration over the deaths of millions of people crushed under the brutal heel of Marxist revolution?

And I’m sure this sudden infatuation with communist anniversaries has nothing to do with the fact that the President of the United States is infatuated with Marxism.  Nothing at all…

7 Responses to “America Goes Red for Communist China”

  1. The US owes China gratitude as the dollar is basically kindly kept alive by China buying a huge amount of US debt. So you have to view New York paying hommage to China in this particular light.

    The Second Liberty Bond Act of 1917 established a statutory limit on federal debt. …. In May 2009, the US owed China $772 billion. …

  2. You have a point, Ewenk.

    As the Bible says, the borrower is servant to the lender, so perhaps it makes an unfortunate sense that we should pay homage to our communist masters.

  3. They should be paying homage to us ,because if were not for the USA ,they would be speaking Japanese,no amount of money could ever pay back the price we paid to keep china safe in W W II

  4. In the last few seconds of the video the American flag is right of the Chinese flag. If the camera perspective is from the main viewing area for the ceremony, this would be in vioation of flag protocol.

    “When flags of two or more nations are displayed, they are to be flown from separate staffs of the same height. The flags should be of approximately equal size. International usage forbids the display of the flag of one nation above that of another nation in time of peace. The order of precedence for flags generally is National flags (US first, then others in alphabetical order in English)…[from left to right from the audience or front-facing perspective]”

  5. We do not owe the murdering communist Chinese government any gratitude; all this is by evil design of the elites. The Chinese are our enemies, regardless of what the talking heads in Washington or New York claim. They sell poisoned food for us and our pets, and cheap, defective, and dangerous products (toxic Chinese drywall is one of the latest products to hit the class-action lawsuit status). Our leaders have sold us down the river by spending us into oblivion to increase their power and selling that debt to China. Giant retailers like Walmart have been seduced by the cheap Chinese food and products. American production has been slashed to near-nothing, as our companies are unable to compete with China and other cheap countries with the absurd burdens placed on them by the ridiculous regulations and exorbitant taxes of the U.S. government. This is by design of the globalists to take America down from its formerly lofty perch.

    The Red China displays in Washington and New York disgust me. The Chinese government would just as soon kill us as look at us, make no mistake about it. And as soon as the elites crash the dollar, we'll be “slaves” of China; they'll end up owning the country, and they're already well on their way to that right now (along with the Arabs). Red China is not, and never will be, our friend.

    And, Obama is our Quisling, by the way; this is just another example of his treacherous behavior. Flying the Red Chinese flag at the White House… This is appalling, and I'm sure we ain't seen nothin' yet from this administration.

    Gina Miller

  6. Your darling Sarah Palin didn't mention the evils of communism when she was addressing them a few weeks back. What's up with that?

  7. Your darling Sarah Palin didn't mention the evils of communism when she was addressing them a few weeks back. What's up with that?