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Susan from Glendale Unloads on Rush Limbaugh Show

Susan from Glendale, California called Rush Limbaugh today and just unloaded on Rush–unloaded her passion for our country and her frustration at seeing our Constitution and our values trampled underfoot in Washington. Limbaugh let her go for a whole segment without interrupting even once. Read the transcript and hear the call.

Global Warming Profiteers Exposed: AGW Is Not and Never Was a Crisis

No longer can it be credibly argued that “global warming” is worse than previously thought. No longer can it be argued that “global warming” was, is, or will be any sort of global crisis. Recent data provides a complete picture of why “global warming” profiteers are wrong.

Stealth Move to Pass Govt Health Care Next Week

Multiple sources in Washington are saying that as early as next week, the Senate could be debating Obamacare, and a stealth tactic of attaching it to a non-health care bill may be used to sneak this past the American people and ram it down their throats once it’s too late.

Video: Another Group of Children Praise the Obamessiah

Yet another video comes to light of children being taught to praise and worship The One, the Obamessiah, President Barack Obama, in public schools. This one is from a Feb. 19, 2009 PTO (Parents and Teachers Organization) presentation at Sand Hill – Venable Elementary School in Asheville, N.C.

America Goes Red for Communist China

It’s hard to believe, but here in America–the beacon of freedom to the world–the communist Chinese flag was raised in Washington D.C. just below the White House last week, and today the Empire State Building is being lit up in red to honor the 60th anniversary of the communist takeover of China that led to the deaths of over 65 million people.

Ohio the Latest State Moving to Affirm Sovereignty

The Ohio Senate has passed a resolution to “claim sovereignty over certain powers pursuant to the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, to notify Congress to limit and end certain mandates, and to insist that federal legislation contravening the Tenth Amendment be prohibited or repealed.”

Wealth Redistribution: Stealing by Any Other Name

Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer can call the Waxman-Markey carbon cap-and-tax bill to be introduced in the Senate anything they want. “Pollution reduction.” “Cap-and-trade.” “Carbon limits.” But, at the end of the day, it’s still a tax. And it’s still stealing

Georgia Community Speaks Out for Religious Freedom

Hundreds of people joined a rally Tuesday night to support Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders and their right to paint Bible verses on banners. The signs, which the Georgia school football team has run through for years, were banned last week over a complaint that the banners promoted religion.

Dems for Health Care Plans for Illegal Aliens

In this interview, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) makes it very clear that she wants to aid, abet and encourage illegal entry to our country, and do so using your tax dollars to facilitate it.

Evangelism Training in Rapid City with Faithsearch International

FaithSearch International is coming to Rapid City. FaithSearch International equips believers on how to share the Gospel in today’s post-modern culture by proclaiming the Gospel with evidence to all peoples everywhere. He shares astonishing evidence and archaeological discoveries that prove the Bible is true.

New Speaker Added to Constitution Party National Conference Lineup

Nationally Renowned Former Arizona State Senator, Karen Johnson, Will Be Featured Speaker At Upcoming October 23-24 Constitution Party National Conference in Phoenix